mighty Mk VII Verses girly Mk IX

Well, man or mouse? arthur or martha?
real helicopter or taxi?

time to split the ranks of the throb monsters, and pick a side.

I'm thinking of forming an action group,

"DAMN" (drivel against Mk9's)

or, shutting up, cause im stupid ;D

whaddya think?

ps: Bog off chicken leg aimers

N Genfire
Having flown both, Mk 9s for me. It's the aircraft that the Lynx should have been from day one. Bags of power, decent payload for it's size and they tend to do more flying. That's why when I joined the pool I made sure I went back to '59.

Naff I know, but...Skids are for Kids!!
;D ;D ;D


War Hero
Check brakes off!
Those were the days................
it's only when you strap a seven to yourself again that you notice the diference
and Tacan, simple cheap and very usefull....on the odd day or two.
Hi Gem,
Yeah it may be three nil now, but you wait til my mates get here.

Anyway, the whole point of being in the army is killing things, what can you kill with a wheely bin? except maybe hunger when you drop off the soup.

(warming up)
N Genfire

ps you get my chrimbo massage neil?, the red one, an when r u back for a beer?
Also having flown both, I'm going to have to go for the 9 when in the air :eek:  but for bad ass ruggedness it must be the 7   :mad:

Who to take into conflict?

Julian Clarey or Charles Bronson?

Tried to get skids fitted to a 9 (yes it is possible) in BiH with the decoy of having to have them for snow landings when out and about.
Didn't get airborne at all, no clearance, but they are still out there on top of the toilet / shower portacabin in the rub.

Skids are for kids!
Wheels are for W#n##rs
Nines do have the power,and the tacan but you have got to admit the seven looks the part when the launchers are fitted (and loaded once in a while) but who cares, a Lynx is a Lynx and that should be all that matters.

Long live the mighty twin torque monster and remember page 96 reverse of the FRCs, "all Lynx pilots are to eat 1/3 of their own bodyweight in any 24 hour period"
I agree - beware the common enemy...... no not Gazelle pilots, or the French... I mean the CRABS
N Genfire, you are such a boring bastard, trust you to come up with the banal Mk VII/IX/Gazelle thing.

Real pilots would be aware that there is only one Mk 9 worth flying (AOP Mk 9).

Pop in to see me next time you escape from Salisbury Plain.

Hows about this for a conspiracy theory.

I have been told by a reliable source that N Genfire is really a ...................Floppy jocky !!!!!! :eek:

Apparently he is so downhearted about not being in the glorious twin torque monster club that he is trying to create a split in it and therefore divert the banter away from the quiche eaters.  :'(

Now I dont know what to believe but someone must know.

Come on,out of the closet N Gen and defend yourself as I want to know the truth.Its out there somewhere. :-/
I cant believe you could think that "I" would strap another one of those, big bubbled, wobbly khaftan carrying, whistling poultry appendages on to my fat a##se after scraping through the APC (more by bribery than judgement) then you have another thing coming.

1. They do not stay in the same direction after you aim them.

2.Nowhere to put your flask/sandwiches.

3.You can only Impress 3 people maximum in the back by leaning over and saying "I get paid for doing this" (obviousy mk IX pilots would rather remain anonymous).

4. And you can only take your hands off for a maximum of ten seconds and say look no hands.

so no peeps, I am a fat Idle Lynx jockey and do eat my own body weight a day.

Mark!!!!!, hows it hanging, have u got 2 b what you wanted 2 b ? have your old bosses found this site yet?

good 2 hear from u anyways.

N Genfire
7 of 9, now she really is a babe

let me geeve you babiess pretty laydee.... :eek:

NGen..I genuflect to your fat-boyness!    
Get a life..Mark 7s / Mark 9s...mutants both!

The only real Lynx..the Mark1

All metal blades..none of your old cobblers effect plastic shite. 2 pinion Yorkie Bar MRGB.

Baseline DAS..chewing gum wrappers out of the window if you please.

Underpowered Gem 101 OX 26 up-chuckers, designed to lubricate the tail boom. Oil P guages you could watch go down, before adding eng oil with rolled up fablon map in a field. Gen 1 TANS... accurate to NW Europe.

152 kts cruise, well only for 6 months before Airspur WG 30 mated with power cables in US of A...fleet grounded and bike valves fitted and AC Branch REME decided that vibe levels were to high.

20 mins of TOT with full TOW fit. Tactical Parking Smoke generators fitted...(really the Gem total loss scavange system on shut down). Min SE Safety Speed / Height..committed?..whats that all about then..Mk1.."going down..anywhere below the nose thank you!!"

Limitations in the FRCs only a fraction of those for the 2 Sons of Mark 1. Average servicablity about 4 out of 6 every day on line!!

Mk 7 and 9 programmes really disfigured a real mans aircraft. If you want wheels and dodgy brakes fly the Islander...Mk 7 has the pedigree..only just.

You can only dream of flying such a machine!!

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