Mighty Maroons steamroll Blues

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Ozduke, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Sounds like it was a decent game.

    Unfortunately SKY SPORTS have scrapped the Ozzie games ! :frustrated:
  2. The best rugby league in the world!!

    And they play mid week with most of the blokes playing again this weekend!
  3. The Adj rounded us up last night and said "Blues up at half time"


    An hour or so later we got to the mess and the PMC announced "Queensland won"

    [stunned silence .... then ....]

  4. *cough*


  5. I'm not going to get into a bitch slapping row about Rugby League.

    I'm not a huge fan - I'm a union man myself. That said, over the years I've watched Super League, NRL, Test Matches, the World Cup and the World Club Challenge and State of Origin is by far the quickest, most exciting and passionate League contest I've watched.

    Oh, and you can watch it in a T-Shirt in Brisbane!!!
  6. Wash your mouth out with soap!
    For passion it's got to be Wigan against Saints (and I'm Wigan born and bred) or for 'on the idiot box' at home, Wigan against Warrington (where Radioactivewoman hails from).
    I see your T-shirt in Brisbane and raise you a pint of Thwaites best bitter.
  7. Well done the Maroons. Became a part time Queenslander on Long Look.

    Met the Bronco's in the Vic in Brizzy.

    How odd is it to see Tuquiri in the Waratahs colours?

    Lockyer for me is the best Rugby League player in the world.
  8. When I was in ,I had to play Union after playing for schools in Wigan! :cry:

    Bloody Ruperts and taffs .

    Must admit though as a fan, if I feel sleepy, then it has to be the 'kick and clap' code. Union soon sends me to sleep.