Mighty-doh-nut Attention seeker or all round good egg?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. Leave him alone I want his arrse

  2. Donut is an attention seeking prik

  3. He's ok if you're in his little gang

  4. Donut is a gayboy transexual

  5. I'm sick of him and his bone drivel

  6. He's a good egg even if he has got issues


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  1. Seems that Mighty Dohnut is the welcome committee for Arrse
    Is he a Good sport and team player or is this the mighty dohnut show?
    You decide :twisted:
  2. Wonder how a poll would go with you as the subject, or would everyone fall asleep.
  3. And he is doing a sound job :D
    Im sure the other members of the committee will welcome you in due course. Maybe.....
  4. shoreleave....

    you a naval pooftah or sommat?
  5. Shoreleave demonstrates in three easy moves - How to make yourself look a complete cock, lets hope his next trick is a vanishing trick.
  6. I sorta liked him. He brings something with him to the site.
  7. woopert

    woopert LE Moderator

    He's a top lad....whe he's getting the beers in :lol:
  8. Woopert, you just want to get into my undercrackers :D
  9. woopert

    woopert LE Moderator

    I doubt that there'd be room with all the stains and skid marks. Besides, they have more holes to fill than a Bangkok whore.