Mighty Boosh

"When you are the moon, the best form you can be is a full moon. And then the half moon... he's all right. But the full moon is the famous moon. And then three-quarters, eh, no one gives a shit about him. When does he come, two days in, to the calendar month? He's useless. Full moon. The moon. The main moon..."

Mad as a cut snake but makes I larf.
Lets hope not. It died a proper death. First series was brilliant, second series less som and the third was decidedly average.

I saw the live show and cringed.

And I like The Boosh.
I never really quite got it, and his follow up show (Luxury Comedy?) was even weirder. Noel Fielding is a very odd chap, can't quite figure out how some women find him attractive either!
I might be alone here, but I thought the Mighty Boosh and League of Gentlemen were utter, utter shit.

No need to destroy me, just my personal opinion.
I think I'm with you on LOG.It never did much for me.

Guru - was the live show that bad? I had been thinking about buying the DVD.
They seemed to have parted company of late so I doubt it.

Watch Nathan Barley for the reason why.

Nowt worse than a hipster twat.


Book Reviewer
I have tried to watch the mighty boosh but just cant get it . I suspect its a bit like me at 18 rolling around the floor watching the python and my folks not even blinking.
Having started to watch Fielding's solo effort, I thought that the Beeb had given him too much freedom, the show wasn't funny, or whimsical, just self indulgent.

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