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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by sledge, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Is there anybody out there who served with 32 Regiment from 1991 till 2003 and have any good memories to share of Dortmund or Larkhill.
  2. Its the good memories bit I am struggling with.
  3. don't be so negetive, where i am now is a lot worse. trust me.
  4. I was in the "Mighty Battle Axe" company a few years earlier 86-89
  5. I served in 32 Regt from 1993 to 1998 in Larkhill.

    Was in 22 Battery, but was attached to 74 Bty for the UNFICYP tour between December 1996 and June 1997

    Good bunch of blokes...
  6. if my memory serves me,you must have taken over from us 127 bty in augh-no-joy apr 94? im sure that was 22 bty?
  7. That was 22 1779 to 1783 Gibralter Bty RA. Funny how the name sticks.
  8. Yep, that was us.

    The PVCP was hit by a Mark 10 that fortunately failed to detonate during the Advance Party handover and we were in the old SF base on Sydney St while the new one got built.

    Absolute shithouse Head-Shed on that tour, too. A BC that thought that it was necessary to conduct Mortar Attack Drills on an operational tour and a BSM who would wake up base security night shifts for 'Fatigue Parties'

    What a shithole that place was...

  9. haha you were on the advance party when they tried to mortar us eh?theyd got it wrong bless em,and it dropped short of the south sanger knobs! lucky for us tho! :wink: unfortunately i couldnt view your photos tho? :(
  10. i stand corrected,just tried again,can see the photo but dont recognise anyone?too true the place was a shithole! :roll:
  11. Link works for me, mate. It's only 22 Bty's official Aughnacloy photo.

    Yeah, I was over on the advance party, but was in the SF Base at the time of the attack. I drove your BC down in one of the standby 'SNATCH' vehicles a few minutes later.

    If I recall correctly, the mortar landed somewhere between Aiden McAnespie's memorial and the petrol garage.

    How I hated that PVCP. We did have an excellent dicking system using the sangar intercoms though to avoid being caught out without helmets on whenever one of the troop seniors left the centre console...
  12. The round landed about 2 metres behind the South Sangar, but the "Boyos" had mixed the AMFO incorrectly, or it was damp or something, lucky for the guy in the sangar though, who watched it fly towards him, literally.
  13. One of our S/Sgt's who was a multiple commander (Top bloke as well Mark P**ne) was acting as road-man as part of 'Learning the duties for the incoming Battery' and also saw it flying towards him.

    His explanation later was a joy to behold as he explained that he very quickly tried to enter the sangar via the inch-thick window slits....

    No easy feat with chest webbing on...

  14. Was not in that photo - but suddenly feel old..............
  15. I was and I am, err I think :roll: