Might I just applaud the Abacus Appointment...

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Gunner_Troopie, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. A fitting post for the abacussed one, Minister for Charity Clothing.

    As a member of his mess I must say he tries to force us into Charitable clothing at ever opportunity.

    All hail the saviour of Shelter:D

  2. (almost) Self-appointed which I find is often the best way :grin:

    I'd forgotten about the get dressed for under a tenner nights - quality (even if I do say so myself). Fairly appropriate for the building we used for a mess last week - Arrseonia has more substance :wink: Who should we "volunteer" to organise the next one I wonder? Why am I thinking Gunner_Troopie?

    Now, of course, he has me wondering how many of my fellow Arrseonians actually do know the truth behind the abacus username 8O

    And I still can't identify the CO but I know he's on here - no names but I bet I pm him before he pms me!
  3. would that be junior minster in charge of second hand ties?:D

    i thought our 'mess' very fitting title for the shed had a certain bothy like charm:D
  4. My entire wardrobe cost less than a tenner. Mrs Lairdx says I was robbed.
  5. GT - if you'd like to be Minister for Bag-Ladies, just let me know... :D
  6. ^ He's on his TACC right now - I suspect right up until the pass off parade he just wants to be minister for "Oh God, what have I let myself in for?"