Might give the ATs a giggle

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Colonick, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Whats wrong with it? A well made site.

    HANDJOBAGAIN - Why are you getting indignant? your not even an AT. Now feck off and POL the truck, gobby No2s FFS.
  2. It is actually, but the powerpoint "appear from left or right" transition is annoying!
  3. YOU WHAT.
  4. Come on guys - it is just not nice to giggle at something so sad and strangely deranged.

    How annoying was the air-raid siren going off?
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It tried to load some crap on my PC. Straight to the eff off button with that!
  6. Well I looked at the site. It is well screwed together and much better than any I could devise but I certainly didn't giggle. I must see my doctor and ask him to change my tablets 'cos as I was looking at the site, I started to feel a bit sick. Horses for courses as someone once said.
  7. What in particular annoyed you?
  8. YOU.

    ha ha.
  9. You still here? That van better be washed down and the garage tidy. Have you first paraded the WB?
  10. WTF is wrong with it? If you took the time to look at the site properly you would find that it is a reunion site that has been up and running for several years. A site that invites all members of the EOD community to contribute despite cap badge. And a lot of members of the hardeodcafe are also ARRSERS.

    Is there is anything on there that is either non factual or offensive? Have a proper look at the site before you post ... or was that just too difficult a task for you? No$her.

  11. I have to echo k13's reply, I found the site to be well contructed and there were things in there for most with a passing interest in EOD.

  12. i think ill leave that for the number 2.
  13. Bore-off d1ckhead!

    The site screams of "Whey hey I'm bomb disposal me, I'm so great! Would you like to touch my bum" and it also reminds of the frikkin tw*ts that go around saying "People say I'm a little bit maaaad he he!" or "you have to be slightly mad to work here". . . utter, utter dog toffee.