Might be quite a few like this guy?

Whilst I have the upmost respect, things like this and remembrance day always bring a tear to my eye, be it seeing humanity, respect, rembrance of my own loved ones who have passed or perhaps just the reality of life, I don't know but it does make me tear up and a lump in my throat.

That said, it does seem like grief whoring in its purest form.
RIP but a shame that they made a big fuss of him only after he died.


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Didn't we have a similar story about a Bootie in February?
Well done Tamworth.
Don't think it was as long ago as that, think it's the same story. Extremely similar if not.
Why? He wasn't living on the streets or stuck in a bedsit with no heating and friends. He was in a care home being looked after. What big fuss should he have received?
Nothing less than a State funeral for being an ex Marine :)

Dont knock it, you lot made it all trendy and good to hug a thug.... sorry.... love a soldier.... By whingeing that no one liked you and you were only doing what the Government wanted, dont be so suprised if the public take it another step and start to respect soldiers from a earlier era. Good effort for the standard bearers and ex/serving forces personnel who turned out.


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I'm glad the RBL Riders Branch could add its particular gravitas to the occasion.
I can see a market in cards, like donor ones, but stating "I don't want to get anyone's photo in the 'Mail after my death. If nobody turns up for my funeral, just shove me in the ground... Or leave me out with the bins. I wont care, I'll be dead."

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