might be in a complete new AAC cadet unit (help requested)

hi i m an AI in the ACF and may be posted to a completely new AAC cadet, unit never before in my county.

any info from you chaps could be handy and possible unit affiliation info, dress, significance of badges , internal ranks titles, reason for certain colour and stable belt colours, regimental days, etc etc as we are going to start a completely new cadet unit , as mentioned , its a first for my county and we are hoping to the regimental info right, as regimental history is part of the ACF syllabus.

many thanks

Where abouts are you? If you are not too far from Hampshire, I would recommend a trip to Middle Wallop, the home of the Corps. The Museum of Army Flying is a great start and has a wealth of history and information. A letter to Director Army Aviation (well, to his biatch anyway) could well get you a high brow visit around the centre. All good for future recruiting into the Corps.

(None of you lot pipe up saying we havent been around long enough to have traditions, just 'habits' either!)
helo flash , cheers for the quick reply, we will be Based in North West England, the museum is worth a look up once we get established
Yep, it will be worth the trip.

The nearest AAC place to you will be 9 Regt at Dishforth (well, 6 Flt at Shawbury but its a TA det who work out of a portacabin!). 9 Regt have Apache but on the plus side, its on the A1 and is easy to get to. :lol:
Semper, have you tried the Army Air Corps Association web site as all the history, regiments etc are all listed.
cheers for the link , will look it up now.
the black square behind the capbadge, is there any significance about it ? or is it just to highlight the capbadge ?

As far as I am aware, the black square is soley to make the badge stand out. Many Many years ago we used to wear dark blue berets on Ex with a blue patch (if memory serves me correctly).
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