Many of the modern Soviet fighters can fly at high aoa like the Mig-29 but I think this model is abit special. I'm sure that the new JSF/ F-35? is equally flippable.
The Mig-29 has thrust vectoring engines which makes it capable of doing unimagineable things. I believe the F-22 raptor has something similar.
<Nerdling hat on>

Great vid Neo. Impressive plane with an equally impressive pilot on the controls. Vectoring thrust has been around a long time. The harrier can use a technique called VIFFing in a dogfight. One on one in a dogfight typically consist of two aircraft trying to pull the shortest circle possible to get on the tail of the opposing plane. If your plane can vector in forward flight then your turning circle will be smaller than your opposition giving you a nice hot glowing ball for your sidewinder to seek out, or at the very least the opportunity for a gun shot. Unfortunately for the bad guys, technology has once again raised its ugly head and with the introduction of the F22. The old fashioned dogfight may once again be a thing of the past. The F22 (which also has vectoring thrust) will of course abuse its stealth technology and splash the bad guys from great range without showing up as a blip on the radar. Until a counter for stealth technology is discovered and built then its back to missile wars and the end of the blood draining 7G turns and cockpit grunting. So, dont close your Top Gun/Red Flag school just yet. Ivan may catch up with you in the next 25 years or so.

<Nerdling hat off>

Ice cream soda anyone?
Ivan may catch up with you in the next 25 years or so.
I dont think he's the problem (or in the next 25 years). We are on the same side now.

The present and future problem will be some raghead 'Viffing' in a Cessna towards his 72 virgins. 8O

Bin Typhoon and JSF and buy a huge bag load of the Migs and Sukhoi's. It'll pish British Waste of space and the yanks off if nothing else.
JSF/F-35 does not have Thrust Vectoring capabilities, apart from th B variant but I would imagine that's only for VSTOL purposes. The F-22 Raptor does have but only in one plane which is on the Verticle (The Russians use both hence the cool axis turn that are shown of the video), but seeing as no one will be able to see it due to stealth I doubt if they will use it much.

Also the Typhoon could have Thrust Vectoring. Casa is working on modifying the EJ200 engine to do this, though I haven't seen if it will be in both planes though.

Again as Flash points out with the advent of supersonic supercruise stealth aircraft it's all pretty much a marketing gimmick, and then if you bring in the equation of Ramjet Beyond Visual Range missles the opossing side may as well stay at home and drink tea and eat Rich tea biscuits and let the aircraft get picked off by JDAM's
Listen to the Texas top trumps champion, what a fcukign spotter :D

All I saw was a sexy red Russian plane doign aerial ballet then gave thought to active edge and the thought that we would have had our arrses kicked.

Inspector, spare me the PM telling me the wingspan and how many thousand pounds of thrust in max reheat it generates, tell it to the Air cadets whose hamptons you fiddle with.
Most of the MIGs that do the displays are like the rally versions of the road car. The normal combat MIGs can't do all the same manouvres as the airshow ones.
Ah Mighty one at least I'm not afraid of heights (remember Nevers "Oh ruthie I'm scared"). Did you ever wonder why you slipped on those steps in '96 was it because they where over 3ft high?
It wasn't the height I was scared of...... it was you following me up that rickety ladder trying to squeeze and EVHF pineapple up my back box.

Why would I want to scale a Netheravon hangar when a gimp from Grimsby could risk death to do it? :D
So what was the excuse for the steps in Split? Was it a leather clad homosexual dwarf tried to ram his sweaty tongue up your harris and caught you off guard, which sparked your death defying tumble to the bottom of those ivory steps? Or was it due to the Fact that you where a snivelling coward who was looking for a golden flight ticket back home to Blighty?

Insp_Wexford, please continue! I'll wager a farthing that the tubby mdn will be getting a bit restless at these latest revelations. :)

Did he ever tell you about the dunker?
Flash, did you know the reason why he left the cookhouse early that day was that there was a good looking norgy Nurse leaving.
So Mighty decided he would make out that he had to get to the Ops room rather sharpish that day!!

Whilst walking behind her, looking at her Harris, mighty had a massive bout of vertigo and ended up bouncing down said steps!

Upon which immediate norgy medical attention was at hand, about this time I was leaving cookhouse laughing my sympathetic proverbial off!
You are a bad bad man....... that hurt like nothing ever hurt before.

Thanks for the concern over a pal that had bust his back, I'm still touched at the memories of the tears of mirth that were spilled at my agony and despair.
Don't you start you ginger war dodging cnut.... :D

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