Miele washing machines vs Kent Police

Which is Better?

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Depends what sort of wash you are wanting. If its a whitewash....

Don't we have a dedicated expert on this subject? Someone au-fais with expensive white goods that can remove stains of a homosexual nature?

Mark The Convict

I voted KP, because they're much more likely to give fucking BounceBanana a massive stroke, locked-in syndrome and a slow agonising death from NHS cheeseparing and incompetence.

Can't see a washine machine doing that.
It all depends on who can spin the best!

Sent From My ARRSE Using Two Fingers
The Miele, you can turn the fucker off and ignore it. The Kent filth just don't know when to give up, except when dealing with them luverley gypsies. Cunts.
And, the Miele won't cost you so much....
Yes, I was sent to Kent Police HQ a couple of times to have my brain 'rewashed'. I'm sure they used a Miele.

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