Midway UK no more...


It would appear that 'ole Larry Potterfield has pulled the plugs on exporting to the old country...!

If you google Midway UK, you now end up in Brownells..!

It would have been nice if there had been some notice.. I was wanting some more 12 and 16 bore brass cases that they sold... grr!

I will see if PS can come up with an answer as he was the UK link for Midway!
There was a Midway Germany, if you go to what was their site that too now goes to Brownells so it would mappear that it's not just UK that's changed.
Midway Swiss also became Brownells. Even less choice (as if that were possible), (even) more expensive.

The last expensive item I ordered direct from Lyman - much cheaper!

I shall go back to ordering direct from US manufacturers wherever possible.
I had accounts with UK and DE, and although I avoided them if possible due to the expense, at least they had stuff I could not get elsewhere.


And they tended just to change $ for £ in terms of pricing....
I've explained before but once the customs get their hands on it you end up paying that anyway.
I found them to be a torturously difficult bunch to deal with. It may be customs which killed it, but I think it was more as a result of corporate cowardice to invest in stock-holding UK side. They could have kept it all in bonded depot and cleared down as needed. This would have reduced lead times and maybe attracted more business.


Which means you are back to gambling with customs or buying Lee tat form Kranks or RCBS through GMK's stockists.
Those clients of GMK are brave, a bigger bunch of numpties I have yet to meet.
So, what's the next best for a wide variety of kit? I have to confess to being lazy and putting up with Midway UK's high postage but when I needed .577/.450 dies, they were the only ones who weren't panicked by the .50 cal export prohibition - some folk can't seem to recognise that some cal. descriptions don't actually mean what they say...
They also stocked a good range of reloading spares.
I have used Brownells in the past but it's a bit like having a tooth pulled without anaesthetic, plus HMRC are sitting, waiting, with a sledgehammer sized customs charge to be paid before release...
Any suggestions?