Midnight Egg Banjo

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SausageDog, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Ok, so it's past midnight, by I'm going to nip off, blaze up my hexy burner and get one one.

    Oh, and Zero-Over is a tosspot.
  2. Ok, so I didn't actually have any hexamine blocks left, but the stove did a fantastic job, minus the industrial seasoning.

    oh, and Zero-Over is a tosser.
  3. Go to bed mate.
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  4. At risk of sounding like a walt, I'd never once heard the term 'egg banjo' until I joined this site.
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  5. What were you in prison for? Did we work that out yet?
  6. For choking the last wanker who asked me what I'd been to prison for!

    (or was it for not knowing what an egg banjo was?)
  7. I was hungry Jarrod! Come on!

    You know I'm a diva when I haven't had my Snickers!
  8. 20090113-friedeggshirt.jpg 20090113-friedeggshirt.jpg
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  9. No seriously, you rambling alcoholic prick, what were you banged up for? Was it for theft? You seem like a thief - an alcoholic, rambling, fucking thief.
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  10. He said something about kidnapping recently.

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  11. Bile spewer was indeed correct, it was theft!

    i stole a fair maiden's heart! :)
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  12. Ahhh right. You fucking rapist. Did you share slop-out duties with trans-sane and syledis?
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    Isn't that stabby former member 'Bipod' due out around now?
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