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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by richy4, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. I am looking to join a unit around the Birmingham Coventry area and wondered if there was anyoen on here in such a unit and would be able to shed some light on which units are decent and not so decent in the area, both in terms or training, characters, and turn out numbers?

    I have a short list of a few that I intend to pop along to on drill nights and see 1st hand but just making sure I am not missing out a decent unit.

  2. Join the Signals. I've heard they are recruiting.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Post up the short list then, so people can tell ou if you have missed anything.

  4. There are Infantry units if you are interested- 4 Mercian to be precise. Admittedly not near Coventry but Wolverhampton, Sheldon (Fusilier) and Kidderminster.
    If you plan to go in on a drill night I would phone up first though, as these are restricted to one per month or something.
  5. i was thinking either the fusiliers in sheldon or a signals unit.
    Idealy a big troop if signals would like more than 9 guys turning up on a tuesday night.
  6. 4 Mercian at the moment are on two drill nights a month. Recruiting is still fully funded.
    As has been said phone first.
  7. are they on 1 weekend a month?
  8. Check pm's
  9. If you want Royal Signals then try Support Sqn, 37 Signals, Redditch.

    If your looking for a challenge try 131 Independent Commando Squadron, Royal Engineers who are also at Sheldon.
  10. Or try 48 Sig Sqn - good attendance, interesting training (great socials :D) and just outside of the city centre in Small Heath.
  11. Close to the mosque as well. Handy for prayers.
  12. Its not that close.... although you can get the impression you are in the middle east on some occasions, only difference is the grey sky....

    Disclaimer: This is not a racist comment, merely an attempt to highlight the fact that Birmingham is a shining example of a multicultural society.....
    There aren't many places you can hear an authentic 'call to prayer'...
  13. PM sent with some contact details and some bumpf, an old old friend is down there and would be just the bloke to touch base with, they have a busy couple of years coming up so give it a swizz.