Midlands hero soldier Luke Cole to get just £16 a week

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Sep 11, 2010.

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  1. A hero Black Country soldier awarded the Military Cross after being wounded in Afghanistan is to receive a military pension of just £851-a-year, it was revealed today. The pension adds up to £16 a week.

    The award to Private Luke Cole, of Wolverhampton, has stunned comrades and outraged family and friends. He has still not settled his compensation claim with the Army for the injuries he suffered over three years ago.

    Pte Cole was shot twice during the ambush in Afghanistan on September 8 2007. The first bullet hit him in the right leg, shattering the bone.
    He crawled back into the line of fire to tend an injured comrade and was hit again two hours later while successfully preventing the Taliban from snatching the body of a dead comrade as a sick “trophy”.

    The second bullet travelled down his body armour, tore into his hip and exited through his stomach. He has since had 13 operations and still requires treatment.

    A regular Army private wounded alongside him in the same terrifying battle is understood to have received a pension worth hundreds of pounds each month.

    Wolverhampton hero TA soldier Luke Cole to get just £16 a week military pension « Express & Star
  2. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    How old is this kid? Does he not have the ability to work anymore? The army doesn't owe you a life, just some of the best times in it.

    FFS, what is it about helping these people for ever? I was reading this and reminded about someone I go for walks with regularly because he chooses gorgeous Sussex countryside and has a black lab who is bags of fun.

    He was 19, in a much smaller conflict. By the end of the day, he was recommended for and won the MC. The injuries he sustained that day still plague him today - one of his legs was 1.5 inches shorter than the other due to the thigh being shattered. The other wounds he received left him rather scarred, blemishes which faded over the years. During the rest of his military service, he also contracted some pretty funky diseases due to postings and poor medical treatment and was not expected to live through the malaria. He was eventually invalided out.

    He receives a pension of about the same. I have never heard him complain but I have heard him use the money to raise a glass or two to those who didn't get a chance to come home.

    He did go on to live a full life, making a decent amount of dosh and raising a family and is 72.

    Is this kid going to give up now? Surely the army trains you to be a bit more self sufficient....
  3. So just to confirm you think the lad is moaning because he had his guts ripped out and is getting paid 16quid a week for the privilege?

    Maybe next time your out on one of your walks you could do everyone a favour and not come back.
  4. I think more to the point is the discrepancy between him and a regular army colleague, One Army, Same wars, Same injuries, Same treatment, that isn't to much to ask really
  5. Unbelievable attitude. The lad deserves the same treatment as his regular counterpart, and that is never enough. Plenty dole scroungers getting paid thousands for doing fcuk all, yet the government that send the troops into conflict sees fit to ignore the soldiers covenant. It is a national disgrace that our forces personnel have to fight two enemies on one battlefield, the second being the people who sent them into conflict and then seem determined to shaft them at every opportunity. I hope this lads MP is jumping on some heads in the parliament melting pot and fighting for some fairness.
  6. LC is now 25.

    not in a real sence like normal people, no. his injuries are VERY debilitating, the scars he will carry the rest of his life are are horrific.

    It does if you have been quite fecked-up doing a damn good job in its service IMHO. why dont you read about just what he did to get that MC?

    ?????????????? wtf? has the 'size of conflict' got to do with anything??? the lifetime disability is the same.

    no he has not. thank you very much. he's just finished a cource at college gaining some excellent quals for a future career.

    LC is a real soldier who did an outstanding days work, other blokes who were hit in that contact with him owe him thier lives.
    An extremely big hearted and generous bloke who allways thinks of his mates before himself.

    just because he was a STAB he's entitled to less and should just 'get on with it'????????

    hey udipur, read this very carefully, I say it with feeling................. **** you.
  7. Updipur - try comparing what this brave lad gets for having been injured so badly serving the country and what the politicians who think this is appropriate get in their pension pots because "they need it because their career has been damaged whilst serving the country".
  8. Got to agree with you there.
    Never met the lad but read about him when he first was injured and was gazetted for the MC - sent shivers down my back then and still does now.

    Then when 'his' story was told on that McNab serialisation, ok McNab may embelish things at times but the rest of the lads unit was there and told the story, including his Plt Comdr and then they showed how he was now, still suffering.

    Me, I say give the bugger a huge pension and if that means some baseball hat wearing unemployed chav cnut doesnt get any benefit then hey, my heart bleeds purple pi$$ for him. Your feller here earnt it!
  9. Udipur, you are a proper cock aren't you.
  10. So, what are you, some kind of Psuedo hard case?, "Yeah dish it out to me, I can take it, stuff the pension, I,ve still got one leg and three fingers".

    You need to have a very serious word with yourself,

  11. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    The attitude of Udipur and the Fwits at the Veterans agency is a problem that we disabled ex squaddys are always going to have, unfortunately, until they get some reasonably intelligent people working instead of the stupid cnuts they have now, Like the ********* in Cardiff who said he knew all about PTSD because he had taken part in a re-enactment the thick walting cnut
  12. Udipur you are an utter cnut and i would relish in smashing your face to a pulp.
  13. Just to give me some sort of reference point, can someone who is knowledgable about these matters, tell me how much pension a regular soldier who had been granted an immediate pension following discharge on medical grounds after two years and 238 days service, would receive?