Midlands Challenge

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by McVitie, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Reading through the local paper this evening and came across an article, about Midlands Challenge, anybody here part or know anything about it?

  2. Has anyone downloaded the bumf yet?

    Compared to the SC07 site a bit bland & lacking in infomation.
  3. Yeah

    its its going to be ran at an atr for 4 different fortnights throught the summer and incompasses what would be learnt on the phase 1 and 2 weekend , plus maybe a cmsr as well
  4. Maybe.

    Maybe, they'll have some still in the service after 6 months.
  5. Sorry, I thought it was about 143 Bde getting funding this year.
  6. who?
  7. Laugh?

    I nearly shat
  8. The CSM mentioned this to me last week and said that you basically get Phase 1 and 2 done over six weeks instead of the usual upmteen weekends.

    I find this kind of approach strange as, being fully employed, would find it really hard to get 6 weeks off work to attend. Students, on the otherhand, would be laughing!
  9. Target audience I think mate.
    Students/college leavers.
    Doesnt seem to offer what the scottish challenge does though. driving lessons for example.
    But yeah, on the whole a good idea. Is it just for the Infantry?
  10. But according to your Tag line.........
  11. I'm fairly sure 37 Regt are in on it, so no, not just infantry.
  12. define success...
  13. No, not just Infantry - this is aimed at all comers who have 4 weeks to spare this summer. A big ask, and it'll probably only suit students / unemployed. Those successful at Lichfield can opt for whichever unit suits them. MC07 is a training vehicle not a recruitment effort for any one single corps/arm. That can be decided by the individual.
  14. It is a selection based course of training, you can either be on a 2 week course consisting of Phase 1A or the full 4 week course which incorporates Phase 1A and B training, 50 recruits on each course. I went to the selection the other day in Donnington. It looks to be a good course, good luck to anyone who has applied. And any Midlands based TA unit can try for the Challenge, i'm RMLY.
  15. I was part of the training team on the selection weekend, were you the gobby fecker who i killed on the command task?