Midlands Challenge - Trade Training in Infantry Units

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by phule, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Now after talking with an officer i decided to put my hand up for Midlands Challenge, off i wander to the closest unit in the catchment area only to be told that i cant train as an armourer and will do Infantry training and then i might be allowed on the course when one runs.

    Now i again said i wanted to try out for armourer, No says the recruiter you can do infantry training like everyone else then if your a good little choco, you suck arse, and your a good boy, well send you on the course, thats what everyone does.

    From the bits ive read on hear and the army websites this is bullshit. Why do they bother telling lies when its so ******* easy to catch them out, i know there are three groups of 100 people doing the MC and atleast 200 are not doing the infantry training. I know for a fact that women have applied and last time i look girls = no infantry. The officer that suggested it clearly stated i could go in as REME and train straight off as an armourer, doing the courses as the come up.

    To all the recruitment people out there when someone walks up to you and says id like to join, whats the deal, can i do this trade, can i get on operations, what Adventure Training does the company do, does the PSAO stand in the way of FTRS service, dont ******* lie you will get caught and you'll lose the person.

    So much for the midlands challenge its more like the midlands fuckabout with lies, cheating and idiot.

    Some other really obvious things

    Fill out the forms after you've explained whats going on, what the choices are - you wont waste 6 hours of someones life then.

    If one of the people present cant complete most of the form with out major prompting do you really think there going to be any use - the ability to write ones name and address seems required even of the stupidist infantry member if the person cant do it suggest they come back when they can.

    Dont leave porn on a work computer, and then try and cover it up - you look like an ******* perve.

    Dont boast proudly how half the company had a big titted blonde slag in unit pictures the night before deploying in the sand dunes - youll show how the unit are a bunch of ******* perves.

    And finally again lieing though your teeth is a really dull idea, you will get caught out.
  2. Breathe.........

    Am I right in thinking this will be our first experience of the TA?
  3. It might be because you're not gorgeous enough to be an armourer. If your knuckles drag on the floor and you have a face like a welted welly; you can apply to be a reccy mech.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I may be an butt ugly m.f. and my knuckles may well drag on the floor, But i can read, im smart enough to go to one of the better universities in this country, I have alot of pervious experience in engineering, and actually i would have been happy for any suggestion as to any other jobs on offer other then infantry, but the ******* twat telling bare faced lies really puts you off.

    And yes it was the first experience with the TA i now wonder what it is im meant to do? report said silly ******? **** off somewhere else, or just not ******* bother i cant run for free in my own time and i already do most of the long distance walking i want to.
  5. You see the thing is this.
    Midlands Challenge is there to get you through your recruit training.
    When you have completed this phase and pass out as a trained soldier then you can look at courses.
    No trade training will be taking place.

    Unless ive been lied too aswell :?
  6. Now whats the phrase I'm looking for...........................................................

    Ahhh thats it Soldier first, tradesman second!!!!
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  7. Inst that what basic is for? Im quite happy to be a solider first and for most but i have no intention of ******* about in the infantry where i cant see i well get anything i want out of it.

    There supposidly streamlining the course to allow the infantry guys to complete some of it, or atleast least that what this weeks statement is. For the record i was giving the same information as you, ie no trade training only 1a, 1b, 1c and you hadnt got to make your mind up until after the MC.
  8. Doesn't stop you taking part.
  9. Does anyone know if they will be running another one of these? I can't make those dates but I would love to do all (or a lot) of my training in a block rather than spread out over a long period of time.
  10. I think there is the opportunity to do CMSR as a 2 week "camp". The Rifles have it listed here > Riles Joining Instructions, so I would assume anyone can take that option if places are available. Maybe it depends on your local recruit training centre.
  11. Well, I've sent a message to ask. If it is open to those of the South I wish I'd known about it before. I'd guess an application will take a short time to process which will probably mean I won't be able to attend at such short notice. Worth asking though.

    Just to add, had a reply already and unfortunately it was only open to people of the Midlands area and it is full anyways.

    Still, polite and prompt reply.
  12. That'll be why it's called 'Midlands Challenge' then.....