Midlands Challenge 2009

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by torpedo_driver, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. My profound apology if my question has dealt before; I can't find a definite answer. With any luck, I'll be embarking on said course next month. My question is:

    *Is the combat infantryman's course(CIC) incorporated into the midlands challenge?

    I ask this because the course is apparently 4/5 weeks only compared to the usual 8wks summer challenge(Scots challenge this year is 8wks). Thanks
  2. Yes. If you're going to 4 MERCIAN you will emerge from MC09 as a fully trained TA Infantryman.

    Midlanders must be quicker on the uptake than those sweaty socks eh?
  3. Torpeodo you say with any luck you will be going on mc09 ? Don't you know yet ? It starts in the next 2 weeks....
  4. Thanks for clearing that up storeman. FYO I won't be going to 4 Mercians, will be joining the Rifles.

    Morganic: It's not confirmed whether or not I'm on this course yet. I'm from the south east, thus MC09 is outside my brigade area. My Sgt Maj is however negotiating with them for a place, hence with any luck I will be on the course.

    Anyone know the breakdown of the 4 wks then? I'm guessing it's 2 wks Phase 1, 1 wks Adventurous Training then 2 wks CIC? Cheers
  5. Good luck with that, but I would be stunned if you did.
  6. So would I. MC09 is heavily over subscribed and if I thought for just one minute.....
  7. msr

    msr LE

    I wouldn't. Someone is bound to drop out / cry off.

  8. True enough MSR , and as I suspect SN knows, we have a rake of keen young future bayonets who are desperate to get on it, who would jump at the chance , long before it got offered 'out of area' .
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Funny old world: A massively popular (for both units and individuals) and over-subscribed course run by one Bde is not picked up and run with by all the others.

    It's as if the almost the entire TA is at full strength...

  10. 700 applicants..Only the 120 top selections with the best 1.5m time go on the course...How can a place be negotiated without that person doing the selection weekend ? Wishful thinking !!!
  11. I was on the last selection weekend for midlands challenge - last weekend. They did a general selection as well and some of the guys who were planning to do the weekend phase one were asking if they could apply to do midlands challenge. They were told it was too late as those of us who'd passed the selection had filled the last slots.
    Having said that, someone is bound to injure themselves or wet the bed between now and then so could be some vacancies but how you'd get onto it I don't know. Kickoff is 15 July
  12. Thanks again for the replies. Guess I'll have to wait and see. I've already passed selection(well, almost a year ago!) and done some recruit weekends already however I haven't been able to complete my training due to other commitments. I informed my Sgt. Maj of my interest in summer challenge months ago so who knows, he may have been working on it since.

    Will be a real shame if i don't get on the course having had to turn down some well paid summer jobs in order to attend it.

    FlashmanTA, Good luck on MC mate.
  13. ===============================================

    Your sgt.maj..should really know by now if your on mc...Either pester him or buy him a new faster fax machine or tell him that broadband is now avalible instead of dial up internet..Good luck torpedo if you get on mc..