Midlands Challenge 2009

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EX_STAB, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone provide the dates for this? I've got a date for selection but for the main five week training programme the closest I can find on the official pages is:

    Which is a bit vague. Is that the start of the course or when I can expect to recieve some kit?

    I did do a search but found nothing very helpful.

    I know I could contact my recruiter but I rather imagine he's busy enough with his day job.
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Starts on the 3rd July and finishes on the 7th August I believe.

    You receive your kit at the beginning of the course.
  3. Thanks. I wasn't so worried about the kit, just planning the diary for the months ahead.
  4. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    No worries, any other dramas (minor/major) feel free to get in touch.
  5. Cheers,

    Will bear that in mind.

    ES :D
  6. More questions about Midlands Challenge if Bbear or anyone can help out.

    I've had a good look through the Midlands Challenge pages:

    Now I understand from my recruiter that the format is two weeks Basic, one week adventure training and two weeks Combat Infantry Course. The MC pages don't give much information about this.

    Is all of this held at Nesscliffe? Is there an outline programme available anywhere?

    Further to that, assuming that the grading system is as it used to be - (Grade 4 soldier - New Recruit, Grade 1 Soldier, fully trained and prepared infantryman,) what level does the candidate achieve by the end of the course? Twenty two years ago I came out of recruit training as a grade 3 and then had to pass a test to progress through the higher grades. Test weren't held very often.

    How does this work now?


  7. Anybody?
  8. 2 weeks in Nesse, weekend off and then 2 weeks in Whinchester i believe. Start date is 4th July but saying that i've also heard there is another start dat a week later. Last date for selection is 21st june for Midlands Challenge.
    By the way i'm trying to re-join TA myself. I fancied doing the challenge myself but the 6 weekends and the 2 week course sounds better.
    Good luck ex stab.
  9. I'm going to try to nail down a programme tonight. Wish me luck! :p
  10. good luck trying to get on it, i asked three weeks ago at my unit, was told no chance!!!