Midlands Challenge 2009

Does anyone know the dates for 2009 Midlands Challenge? I'm starting phase 1 training in January for Assault Pioneers but my gaffer is not letting me rearrange weekend shifts to cover all my training. I've heard that they are running 3 challenges this year (spring, summer, autumn) and my place of work will be shut down for 3 weeks both spring and summer so i could make up training if this possible. Any info appreciated. Cheers

Also forgot to add - is it possible to combine weekend training with midlands challenge?
The dates for the 5 Div Challenges in the Midlands are as follows:

5xx 143 (WM) Spring Challenge 28 Mar – 9 Apr

5xx 143 (WM) Midland Challenge 3-27 Jul

There are others in other Divisions - see your local RTC dates.

The Midlands Challenge website - www.midlandschallenge.co.uk has not been updated yet.
Yes you can combine the two (weekends and a Challenge course) but there will be quite a bit of duplication. Try to get on Spring challenge and get the training out of the way asap but remember that you need to do a CIC within a period of time afterwards. Summer challenge has a CIC bolted onto it, in 08 it was really good and the whole 4 week course was a major benefit to those who did it- or at least I hope so as I was an instructor on it....
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