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subbsonic said:
FluffyBunny said:
Hotlinked from the Daily Telegraph article about her.

the Daily Telegraph said:
as she remembers the night that she saved an officer's life.

She can picture Colour Sgt Ian Page, the man that the 19-year-old medic jokingly calls "Dad", looking steadily upwards at her, trying to tell her what to do,.....

Now the b1oody Telegrah can't tell the difference between a rupert and a CSGT!!

anyway BUMP:

BBC Midlander of the year Voting closes 7 Jan

Michelle Norris is in the last 5 people to win the Midlander of the year award!

To vote for Michelle call 09015 225 104

Calls cost 15p. A snip! Hurry whilst stocks last

Its being done here too, hopefully thats the reason for the poor response to your thread!

Done x 3. Get in Michelle :D
Done x 3. Well done that soldier!
No idea who the winner is, no news on the Midlands today website. Lines closed on at midnight on Sunday, but it can't be that hard to read the number of votes off the computer screen to tell us who won!


Afraid Pte Michelle Norris MC, didn't win. It was won by a 13 yr old lad swimming to raise awareness of teenage cancer.

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