midget terrorises town!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by callum13, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Just as I am watching the Dispatches episode entitled "The Court of Ken" :lol:
  2. 's Ronnie Corbett!
  3. ...after stepping in dog eggs.....
  4. Whatever / whoever it is , I want one as my creepy manservant and I shall call him Trevor
  5. Ha ha ha, he he he, I'm a laughing gnome and you cant catch me.... I'll get me coat!!
  6. haha as much as i hate THE SCUM it is illegal on arse to link to dailymail - reason being first thing i saw was this "Walk of shame: Lily Allen emerges in the same clothes after wild night out", Fcuking media cnuts! get a hold of your lifes you sad little people.

    Yours truly.. :)
  7. Apologies for the link MC13.
    I clearly didn't read Daily Orders (again!)
    Another 252!
    (but it was still a cracking story :wink: )
  8. I just love the girlie shriek of terror from one of the blokes right at the end. :)
  9. Quote from the link..

    "Michael has thrown bricks at my son, urinated on him, spat at him, sworn at him and thrown slates from the roof at him. Chisels, screwdrivers, hammers - you name it, he has chased kids with them.

    so he's almost a real builder then!!

    PS isnt his Mum a BAAAAAAABE... GRRRRRRR come here sweetheart woof woof... oh dear I think I shall take a little lie down.
  10. ARRRRRRGGGHHHH did you have to mention that lobotomised minging gibbon of a fecking chavette munter??
  11. I'd lick her brown hole !! :D