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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Watson, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Debating which unit to join in middlesborough this year, I have narrowed it down to

    5 Military Intelligence Battallion - http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/northeast/ta/Pages/Headquarters,5MilitaryIntelligenceBattalion.aspx


    34 signal Regiment - http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/northeast/ta/Pages/HQSquadron,34SignalRegiment(V).aspx

    As a yorkshireman i would love to join the 4 Battallion Yorkshire regiment http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/northeast/ta/Pages/BCompany,4thBattalionTheYorkshireRegiment(V).aspx
    But am not including it as a proper option yet as i have a few things to sort out first but any info on them also would be apreciated.

    Does anyone have any info or experience of these units as in what the centres are like or how 'serious' they are. Not to say any unit is not serious but ive been looking through as much info as i can find and have heard some horror stories.

    Im pretty sure the TA isnt all shits n giggles like the info packs say and im also sure that the horror stories arent as bad as they seem, i just wouldnt mind getting some brutal facts straight so i know what im geting into.
  2. I am pretty sure 34SR is disbanding if it hasn't already. Unless it got a reprieve?
  3. Watson you can try the signals in 'boro, they wont be 34 anymore, maybe 32.
  4. Hi Watson,

    34 Sigs has been disbanded - my mate who was in them took some time out and turned up one Tuesday night only to realise this. I can't believe they fucked off without telling him!! I was B Company, 4 Yorks mate who as you know are based in Middlesbrough on Stockton Road. I'd love to tell you to go to them as I too know what side of the River Tees Yorkshire truly begins, but my many contacts down there tell me that things have gone a bit downhill since a certain unpopular SNCO came back to the unit after a posting!!

    If I were you, I'd get yourself down to Coulby Newham and see what the 'Slimeys' are all about. I was deployed with lots of Int Corps chaps during Telic2 and they all seemed to speak highly of their corps!!
  5. If you join any military organisation, Regular or Reserve, you should get briefed early on in your training on the rules around OPSEC - Operational Security. It's the modern version of WWII's 'careless talk costs lives' and all that jazz. Some things can be discussed as open source and others are better not aired too widely.

    MI by its nature involves alot of OPSEC. Not because it is 'James Bond' work*, rather the sources of the raw material for this process, the manner in which they are obtained and transmitted and the conclusions that are drawn are definitely sensitive and need protected. Hence, you might not get too much detail from unit members on here !

    So I would recommend you go and get pukka gen first hand from the horse's mouth at 5 MI. I can tell you that the inter-personal and analytical skills I learned with 5 MI's predecessor unit - Int & Sy Gp (V) - have stood me in good stead during my time as a reservist and have carried over well into my civilian employment. And I have had fun too !


    * Most MI work is about following an analytical methodology to produce rational conclusions and presenting them to 'management'.
  6. Maybe someone from your unit Frog Prince could PM Watson and arrange a first meeting perhaps? You wouldn't want to lose a potentially good recruit to your unit if he's contemplating other units on Teesside like 4 Yorks, RMP, Pioneers and RAMC.
  7. Not my unit any more, just a recommendation based on my knowledge of the work they do and some of the personalities they have on board.

  8. See thread by Fagbrew MI Recruiting in North East for contact Number or pm him.

    53 MI Det at Coulby N' is just starting up, but lots of potential.
  9. thanks for the answers guys, ive been away for a few days so sorry for not replying sooner, in retrospect im not sure what i expected asking questions about military intelligance, quite daft now i think of it lol. I think MI is for me, im just gonna go for it i reckon and give it a shot. Not sure what to expect but i guess thats all part of the experiences to be gained.


  10. msr

    msr LE

    Good call. Keep us posted :)

  11. 4 Yorks - Do it, do it now. Any questions AT ALL on Yorkshires Best (and only I guess...) Reserve Infantry Battalion feel free to ask.
  12. Forgot to add why:

    Pretty much every year we have an overseas annual camp (Cyprus, Gibralter, America x 2, Canada), opportunities to deploy on Ops or Ex with our Regular Bn's (Iraq, Falklands, Afghanistan, Germany and Kenya in the new year).

    Usually 2 weekends away a month, mixture of Platoon/Company/Battalion level Exercises and Ranges, well represented in various NATO Military skills competitions.

    So aye, we're f*cking brilliant we are.
  13. Yeah, just don't join as a bayonet at HQ coy. According to our website, it is a "thriving" light role platoon. If by thriving it means having exactly 5 guys in the whole "platoon" (including rank) then it is correct I suppose.

    "What's happening this weekend, sir?"
    "Platoon attacks"
    "Ah..... I'll get me coat"
  14. Isn't that platoon part of my Company now but just based at HQ's location? I thought you were our third Rifle Pl.

    Still, silence your heathen words - we are f*cking amazing. (Your gay back been fixed yet by the way?)
  15. To be honest, nobody here is still quite sure on what the deal is between inter-unit rifle platoons. We aren't called the mushroom platoon for nothing.

    I've always been told we are supposed to try and function as our own platoon, but day by day we get told different things. Just not interested anymore, everyone is just getting on with training for BATUS in whatever way it seems to happen.

    My hugely homo back has been fixed, yes. Has been for a while - smashed myself into oblivion getting back up to a high fitness level for deployment only to be sacked off at the last minute. Ho hum. Life continues. Just without the good friends who are actually off. :x

    And Watson, not trying to put you off here at all, honest! I'm sure you will have a ball with 4YORKS if you choose that route.