Middle Wallop

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by fly_boy, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Does wallop still have those H Blocks for accomodation or have they finally been replaced, I was last there in 95 and they were there then ?????
  2. And whatever happened to the Depot RSM there at that time, M*c Mc**e
  3. The H blocks are still there. I expect that some of the blocks still have communal rooms with about 12 beds in them!! They also built some new accommodation (project SLAM).
  4. Bloody hell I first went there in 1987, and they were knackerd then... God knows what sort of state they are in now.

    I always remember a landmine found in the basement of the Trg Sqn block and removed by an admin Cpl...
  5. If that is who I think it is the bugger owes my a hifi and the, 'The Jam' album, 'Snap'.
  6. Remembers the Sunday mornings flybye.
    Two seater Spit, cum up from the sarf, over the field, hangers, Sgts Mess, Parade Ground, Naffi cookhouse and the Patch.
    And was he low with that Merlin on full chat.
    Kept in what was D&T.
  7. The water tower,the water tower aaarggh
  8. The junior and senior cadres at the time when there was loads of shouting, screaming and beasting. The whole camp used to hide at the same time.

    The BFT route, which for some unknown reason, was a crippler.

    The block showers which must have been a health hazard, having to stand in three/four inches of murky water in which the previous 30 lads had just shiit, showered and wee'd in.

    The toast machine in the junior ranks mess. Used to take dozens of slices of bread at the same time and toast them perfectly (the little things at Wallop made up for the rest of the stay).

    The WRAC PTI who wore the shortest of short PT skirts around camp and she knew it (as well as the rest of us, even the Padre).

    Returning your kit or bedding to the QMs, and getting charged for the slightest discrepancy. I still have the bill for 1 x bed sheet which I was chased after for two months from Wallop to Berlin (including a signal sent to my SSM!). The sheet cost £1 odd!

    Stagging on at the Seniors mess do's, and taking crates of wine and bin bags of food back to the block at silly o'clock in the morning.

    The IAS and the influx of helpers from around the Corps, party in the gym, foreign aircrews and loads of (pretty) WRACs in the block.

    The pads patch and the block of flats that was handed over to the singlies. It used to attract female pads brats for all the wrong reasons!
  9. Are there still some big patches of paint on the side of the Trg Sqn Block???????
  10. Haven't been back for a while, but in the late 80's you could still make out the WWII camouflage paint on the west wing of the Sgts Mess.
  11. Yes the cam paint is still on the blocks. Though the RHQ block now has an extension and a new roof.

    Well it did when I drove in this morning, might of changed by tonight :)
  12. When I was there, their were two random big squares of black paint on the side right hand side of the Trg Sqn block, this was in '87-'88.
  13. Lucky, lucky you. :lol: I bet it still looks like a tip.
  14. What are the words on the memorial at the nd of the road insside the main gate, someone there now should be able to tell us....
  15. The IAS and the influx of helpers from around the Corps, party in the gym, foreign aircrews and loads of (pretty) WRACs in the block.

    I seem to recall that 70 Ac Wksp and AETW provided most of the manpower for the IASs!!