Middle Wallop Visit

Doh, not going to do very well if you're asking those questions. I had researched every scrap of the process before I even applied.


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What do you think....Just turn up in you Week-end drinking suit and chat about how stoned you get on Drink and Drugs, How many birds you shagged and how many scraps you got into....then you will be fine!!!

Have you ever been to an interview or has Mommy and Daddy always dressed you in the Morning and lined your pockets with brass!

Wake up and smell the coffee. Put yourself in the shoes of those interviewing you! What would you like to hear!? Yes I know a little of what the AAC do or no sorry have'nt got a clue.

It seems to me that you are not all that commited.
And remember...Those at Wallop are allowed to read these posts you know!!!!!
Well Done Adam.

I'd use the edit button if I was you


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AdamBartlett said:
haha...good point. although why would i need to?[/quote]

Because you made a bit of a tit of yourself.
AdamBartlett said:
haha...good point. although why would i need to?
Pop into Wallop and find out. :roll:

Nowt like making a name for yourself even before you've tipped up.

I see you've been scribbling over at Pprune too....... :roll:

Lesson learned hopefully.
AdamBartlett said:
yep...dont ask questions

By all means ask them but if you are going to ask something like 'I cant be arsed to search for the info but I want you lot to tell me' with what I presume to be your real name, be prepared for some flak.
AdamBartlett said:
ok thanks. it wont stop me though. :wink:

Just remember to keep your trap shut.

Probably wise to shut up now before you make it worse for yourself

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