Middle Wallop Sgts mess! Literally.

Standard of the Middle Wallop WO & Sgts Mess?

  • The mess is a work of art and is something to be proud of.

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  • Its on par with other Messes in the British Army/Army Air Corps

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  • Even Eskimos would freeze their tits off

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  • Going on ops or exercise would mean a higher standard of living

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I have, and I wont be staying again.

I had to make my bed (crappy old bed with minging old blankets) couldnt have what I wanted for dinner as I hadnt booked it the day before.

Served both meals I had there (dinner and breakfast) and then had to pay 70pence extra messing.....what WAS the extra messing?

Oh and had to go to the patch for a shower as the ones in the mess had no shower heads.

I would also like to know why I pay into the Corps Mess? where does that money go?

Its about time the regulators were called in.....cos my money cant be going on the mess.
Sorry blundered into here in error - I thought you were on about the REME WO and Sgts Mess at Arborfield.

They must be twinned !!

Last time I stayed there I was speaking to a bit fat rat - which was perched on the bed side locker opening a tin of Cheese Possessed - and he said he was up from Wallop on his annual holidays visiting relatives
And there I was under the misapprehension that the civilian contractors running the Wallop mess were doing a marvellous job.......NOT!!

I was PEC of the Wallop mess for two consecutive terms in 86/87 (I think) and at that time the mess was great. What the f**k happened to it! Does the Corps RSM (or whatever he is called) have his head up his butt or what. The members should be refusing to pay mess bills, should be eating out and maybe sleeping out as well (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Maybe the SNCOs could try using the cookhouse and the NAAFI bar??


I have the honour, no privilage, to say that without doubt that the Mess at Middle Wallop is not the worst!

For those of us who have had the luck of spending some time in Northern Ireland (Aldergrove) :wink: You will know that it comes a very close second. Sorry Guys!

However there is one link that will make the boys at Wallop proud. Yes, your right it is owned by the AAC as well. Keep up the good work all those COL's up at HQ DAAVN you really know how to put the Capital "F" in the name ARMY AIR FARCE. Never mind the guys conditions just get those Apache's through those doors. :wink:
KENR said:
I was PMC of the Wallop mess for two consecutive terms in 86/87 (
Same time I was 'press ganged' into waitering. Apart from robbing umpteen bottles of wine I thought the mess was something to look forward to. Surely the new Corps RSM has taken note and insigated some improvements?
Gunny.......so youre the one pilfering the wine!! I had to almost double my wine budget just to make up for the losses.....LMAO.

I tell you, if it wasnt for you guys waitering, there would never be any mess dinners in the first place. I have never seen a bad waiter recruited from the ranks.

I know that I made sure that every one of you got ED pay and some perks from the kitchen and bar.
KENR said:
I know that I made sure that every one of you got ED pay and some perks from the kitchen and bar.
And as a reward we pissed in your wine :mrgreen:

Only ever did Sgts Mess waiting on once, got even with a couple of senior ranks, without them knowing :D
Ken, I robbed everything that wasn't glued down in the kitchen. Wines, beer, food, cutlery, kitchen equipment, even one of those nice, posh comfy chairs. As Mighty said, I watched as some of the lads got even with some of the seniors (pisss was the common one). I did waitering three times at Wallop in '86, and everytime I hated it. I swore I'd never do it again, and for 13 years I only ever did it once more in '93, and that was as an extra as a Corporal, and again, I robbed everything that wasn't nailed down in the kitchen. Me and the misses had fine wines with our dinner for a few weeks afterwards.
Gunny and MDN, I would like to think that I wasnt hated that much at Middle Wallop, after all I was just a QHI. If you did piss in my wine I certainly never noticed(probably too pissed), maybe you should bottle your piss and sell it at Sainsburys....LOL..

I guess some of the Sigs SNCO's or MT Sgts or REME SNCO's got more attention than us, but its a shame that it came to that. Couldnt things have been sorted out face to face or man to man?? Pissing in a guys wine is kinda cowardly dont you think.

Anyway, I meant what I said, a mess dinner would not be the same without the volunteer waiters and waitresses.
Can you imagine the scene, B3 Air Trooper goes up to WO2 nasty shouty man and says, you balled me out earlier on, can we have it out.

In reality, Air Trooper clocks which table hes at, puts bogeys in his dinner and pisses in his chablis.

I never had the privelidge of waiting on at Wallop, my only stint was in Minden at St Georges barracks, Imagine the pleasure of putting big lumps of body parts, toe jam, scabs and all manner of nasties in trogs dinners.

SNCOs beware, piss off a Tom, he will always have the last laugh, albeit behind your back, but always at your expense. :D

For example if thier is an ex trog SSGt here called Mcann then allow me to tell you that it would have been easier to tuck into my stained underpants than it must have been to clean your plate after what I put in it :D Let that be a lesson to never pull a bloke about wearing his cap badge in a way other than in accordance with Trog SOPS :D
Ken, unless you pissed the lads off, then you had nothing to worry about. You can find out if the lads pisssed in your wine by doing this simple check. Look at your back in a mirror. Is it hairy? If yes, then the lads took pleasure in pee city with your wine. Hairy backs are associated with drinking wee.


Know where you are coming from Gunny. :wink: Many the time I was one of those mess waiters. Oh how we laughed the night away drinking their wine and eating their food.
Poison... Never tried it with the wine. Still nothing to worry about now! The lads at _ _DEXO are very good at serving up _RAP. No doubt they will manage to do what we attempted all those years ago. With that,, my work is done. :lol:
Whenever I got dicked for waiting in table in either mess I would pay a jock to do it :lol:

I beleive it is demeaning to have trained soldiers acting as waiters. Some blokes were happy to get the extra dosh, but most hated it.

As has been pointed out in other posts plenty of scores were settled by the toms. It got so bad that the food and drink was being spot checked prior to leaving the kitchens, one guy had pissed in a jug of milk and it was begining to curdle he got stopped just as he was putting it on the top table.

And as for 'liberating' mess kit...........I had a meal round a mates house and we ate using a full set of mess silver :lol:

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