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I am sure that many of those who have served with the AAC and who passed through Middle Wallop will remember The Five Bells pub in the next door village of Nether Wallop. It was certainly a favourite haunt for End of Course P*ss Ups not so long ago. Sadly the pub was bought four years ago by a private landlord, who ran it down, and closed it in 2013. The local community has put forward a serious bid to buy it, but is not having much luck with the owner. It is a Listed Building with mega history and a long association with military flying dating back to WW1. As one of the "lines of attack" of the local community, a petition was set up yesterday to invite the local Council to try and help move things along. I am sure that the good people of the Wallops would appreciate signature support from those who serve, or have served, at the AAC Centre.

The link is here:

Test Valley Brorough Council: Save Nether Wallop's Grade II listed Five Bells

This is a serious issue for the local people, so please no silly comments or trolling.
Closing a proper village Pub rates somewhere between a cnuts trick and a crime against humanity.
I'll sign , even though I don't recall getting ratted there.
It may have happened, being not far from Nethers, I just don't recall it.
In fact, continuing the logical argument, it probably did happen .

Signing now.

PS Get CAMRA involved.

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
bloody property developers
the trouble is pubs have large amounts of land and are high profit margins for conversion works
I am off to sign it
called in for a pint and sandwiches when motorcycling that way
CAMRA is a good suggestion, now their argument about real ale is finished, they have moved onto furnishment and fittings.
villages need pubs. That's one thing I would happily pay more tAx to be supported.
Nothing like a nice local village pub that takes squaddies, so long as your not too many, too rowdie or too rude.

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
when I was first married and looking for a house, I chose one that had a maternity Hospital at one end
a pub at the other, and the other side of the high street from the pub an Undertakers
everything you needed in life
only the undertakers remain worse luck

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