Middle Lane Drivers - OWN UP!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TVEDU_RED, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Fcuking Cnuts

  2. Safe and sensible

  1. No one ever admits to being one but I passed 47 of the little fcukers on the way to Bristol yesterday. By the law of averages there must be a few hundred of the middle lane huggers on ARRSE. So come on 'fess up...

    Give me someone to shout at!!
  2. You know what, I was just whizzing down the M3 on the bike and I thought about starting a thread about banning women and immigrants in small cars from anywhere but the inside lane on motorways. Why the fcuk do they just sit in the outside overtaking lane? I went for over 2 miles along the inside lane on my bike, but the outer 2 lanes were solid. Cnuts.
  3. Leave the Middle lane huggers alone, they provide me with a lovely clear road on the left. Any chance of starting a move trucks to the middle thread??
  4. worse still are lorry drivers that decide to overtake at 0.5mph faster than 'a fellow Trucker'. Bombing down a stretch of dual carriageway on my bike at about 0430 and truck one decides to overtake truck two even though I was indicating to overtake the two of them, it took him about 4 miles to get past!

    Once I eventually got past I did a little more indicating!
  5. Middle lane hoggers - I'd gas the lot of 'em.
  6. They're not as annoying as the f**king outside lane huggers doing 71 mph in the fast lane, but to be fair the inside lne is worn from all the heavy lorry's using it many a time my cars steered itself along in the groves.
  7. Well when the Government bring in this GPS charging system , it will be all the easier to target these selfish rat fcuks with the secret orbital space platform. Ditto Mr. 71 MPH in the overtaking lane
  8. try driving in northern ireland, dosy feckers always drive on the outside lane at no miles an hour.
  9. How did this get to the ARRSE hole so quickly? Gutted!
  10. Hate does not adequately convey the depth of feelings I have for these 'people'. May they burn in hell.
  11. Maybe get an upgrade on the Google Earth Satelite with a FCUK off "James bond type baddy Lazer thingie, wotsit, and blast there ARRSES to the stars...Haaaaaaa..HHHaaaaaa...in a Ernst Stavro Blofeld kind of voice, stroking white cat... :evil:

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  12. All cunts!

    Never realised how annoying they were until I met a fleet / squadron / armada of them on the M4 a moment ago!

    Worse still is them getting miffed at me having the temerity to pull along side their blue rinsed elderly passenger, with my window rolled down, Giving them the V's and indicating right.

    The b@stard then tailgated me on full beam because supposedly Id done something wrong! Watching him dissappear in my rear view mirror with a speed wobble of locked brakes as I tapped my brakes did go someway to improving my mood.
  13. I drove in the middle lane for 4 hours very slowly the other day but then again i was on the freaking M25!
  14. Sorry ,it was properly my mum, she has a strict 50mph speed limit(no more no less) on motorways, duel carriageways and outside schools.