Middle Eastern people- essentially untrustable? Why?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scrofula, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. By this, I embrace anyone who is associated by geography to largely sandy parts...don't need to all be Muslim. My personal answer is definitely. Why? Genetics, I reckon.
  2. And they let you be a teacher?
  3. So that's your personal opinion is it? Based upon what exactly: a BNP leaflet stuffed through your door?
  4. I'll bet tomorrows lunch money that if you asked the same thing on a middle eastern forum about westerners you would get exactly the same answer.

    All about perspectives, innit.

  5. I dont think they like us.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Ooh PC luvieness is about to encroach on this, with a vengeance. How dare you say rag heads are dishonest thieving bastards, you nasty man you.
  7. When viewed from, say Vietnam and Cambodia, Middle Eastern people clustered around largely sandy parts would be, hmmmmm, Texas, Nevada and Arizona.

    Go figure!
  8. The enemy of my enemy - is my friend.

    Work it out.
  9. Yes, "they", whoever the fcuk that might be..... in my personal "career",have let me teach in Sudan, get to know Libyans and Iraqs in Central Europe, and find, on a sensible, human, basis, that what they believe in has nothing much to do with what I care for and that they are far more devious in admitting that than I am.
  10. So "they" don't share your values? So what?
  11. That is where the trouble lies :"So what?" is not part of Islamic thinking. Especially not morning after they have crossed the Koran . More like "Who saw?". Dirty, sly, nasty and troublesome. A few adjectives to ponder upon.
  12. From your 3 posts in this thread, I suspect I don't share your values.

    Does that mean I am "dirty, sly, nasty and troublesome"?
  13. I think you have issues.

    I work with many nationalities every day and don't find the issues you seem to.

    Except the yanks, they're a bunch of cnunts - obviously.
  14. First sentence is from your first post. Next paragraph is from your third.

    In between you post that "they" are devious?

    Pot & Kettle?