Middle class to pay more for crimes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. So if Wayne is caught speeding in his ghetto-chic Peugout Saxo whilst toked-up, he will pay less than one of us "normal" easy targets?!?

    Meanwhile, Wayne probably does a runner without paying, meaning that this is a means of the rest of us subsidising his defaulting.

    It is time for a non-co-operation campaign. Refuse to give the police or authorities any assistance above the bare minimum required by law. Remember, never disclose your bank details to "the man" for direct debits or anything otherwise you could end up paying later in the event of a dispute!

    From the Torygraph:

  2. If anyone is still in doubt as to who really won the Cold War, just look at this!!!! They are ensuring that the lumpenproletariat (Neue Arbeit's core voters) don't have to pay much at all, whilst screwing over the borgeoisie (the Tories' core voters).

    Right. All we have to wait for now is confiscatory taxation, nationalisation of all industry, and we shall be a step closer towards the Dictatorship of the Proletariat (what a contradiction in terms that is!)!

    As for the specifics of the scheme in hand, I am a firm believer that the punishment should fit the crime. A middle-class guy getting fined over a grand for littering whilst a chavscum is fined a couple of hundred quid for drink driving is inappropriate, and sends the message to the chavs that they are effectively untouchable...
  3. This seems to work pretty well in some Scandinavian countries, but they don't have such a prevalent "under-class" (horrible phrase but still..) like we do over here
  4. Typical Liberal PC BS
  5. I wonder if this propostion will affect the royals, the landed gentry, the very wealthy or any politician that gets caught?

    Perhaps that's just too cynical? :twisted:
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I think the first two will get hammered, and the last absolved.
    As to 'the very wealthy,' I'm sure The Glorious Leader will make a fair & just decision based soley on the amount they have donated to the 'Tone & Cherie' club......

    Cynical Tatty ? Not cynical enough !
  7. Is the logical extension of this thinking that the wealthier get longer custodial sentences too?
  8. This was tried in the 1980's. I believe it was called compound fining (or something) It was an unmitigated disaster and was quietly allowed to lapse after some business man was fined thousands for littering.

    Remember if this happens to you the HRA says your treatment has to be PROPORTIONATE. See you at the Hague

  9. No.
  10. MC - clearly being tased this morning put an end to any long winded explanations that might have been forthcoming form you!! Recovered yet? :)
  11. Thank **** i'm poor! :D
  12. Another example of the very British trait of penalising successful people who have done something with their lives and have a good job, whilst making allowances for the poor "it not their fault they're poor/thick/lazy".
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I hate to be controversial but I'm not sure I agrea with the previous speakers. For some people being fined a couple of hundred quid is just no punishment at all, they just laugh it off. It would hurt me.

    What is nonsense is fining chavscum (is there any other sort of chav?) It just gets taken out of thier benifits. I work for the DWP on Jobseekers Allowance you, the taxpayer, would be horrified at the number of calls we get from scumbags desperate for thier money so they can start paying thier fines of at £5 a week. All that happens when these scum get fined is 1 lot of civil servants priocess thier claims and another lot process their fine the taxpayer losses at both ends.

    Bring back the birch, HARRUMPH! At least its something that chavscum and hoorah Hernys would feel equally. Discuss....
  14. You do realise of course that a lot of people on benefits would rather have a job; oddly ironic since our Primary industry was decimated by Thatcher and unemployment sky-rocketed, that it's Thatcherites who are normally most vocal about the so-called "lazy" people on the dole.

    I think the best suggestion for all the people worried about getting fined more for having a job is this - don't commit crimes.