Middle child syndrome

A 'middle child' you say? Your parents must be as stupid as you are - having had you, what on earth made them want another one?

Are you sure you didn't draw your first breath on the draining board in a dodgy back-street clinic?
auscam said:
futurebootie said:
Oi you fcuking Aussie, get your own :D.

You get bored of watching kangaroo porn then?

wolverines.. fcuking showoff
(innocently) Oh, you don't have wolverines there? I am sorry!
Nope, our wildlife kill you by stomping on or eating you, none of these namby pamby little things.

Disgraceful really.
Jaapies don't need wolverines, they have ratels instead...vicious bastards. The ratels are vicious too.

Looks cute but as Jeremy Clarkson said "The honey badger doesn't kill you. It tears off your testicles..."

Honey badger is the seed of those "killer badgers of Basra" urban myth.

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