middle aged man runs off with 14yo teeny girl




why ? why ? why does it keep happening every year ? some middle aged guy mid life crisis runs away with a 12/13/14/15/ yo schoolgirl and still think they will get away with it ? i noticed the girls never seems to get done tho its the man who goes to jail etc half of the time the girl is willing to go ! having said that the older man should have known better :roll:
What I cannot understand is the fact that they KNOW it's illegal and will get caught in the end.

For goodness sake, what are these kids thinking of, it's not as if the guys look like Ronan Keating or Gareth Gates...............!
Or Johnny Knoxville....

He can corrupt me any time he wants. :wink:
It's usually some sad lonely individual that's looking for a friend anywhere they can get one. Who knows if he even knew how old she really was, she was telling people that she was 22 and they were believing her.

At the end of the day, his life is now well and truly fu##ed and she's going to go back to her loving parents and get on with a normal life (Is that good or bad??) scott free.

Shouldn't happen, but is it right that nobody's even worried how much she was responsible for?

Sometimes life is just too complicated :?
The girl's mother actually introduced her daughter to him around 18 months ago allegedly....she was a work colleague.

He knew what he was doing alright...........and so did the daughter, they know right from wrong at that age.

He was, must be, held more responsible for the action they took,he knew her age and, after all, the girl is a minor, nothing can detract from that fact.
Agreed Saver.

It's just sad that it seems you can be middleaged and vunerable. :roll:
Plant Pilot said: "It's usually some sad lonely individual that's looking for a friend anywhere they can get one".

Absolutely right. Anybody off to the Lonely Hearts Forum?
Landie_Bashir said:

The beggar managed to get her as far up as Wick in Caithness, (Right in the arrse-end of nowhere in extreme north scotland). She's flown back down to Rochester and he's been arrested by the rozzers.

Cut his danglies off, filthy old beggar.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/3197899.stm for more info!
Jesus if he was that desperate to get a shag all he had to do was dump the teenager and go out on the town in wonderful Wick!

The Waterfront bar is the place to go. It's grab a granny night every night there....................................
They are both ugly let them crack on.... after being steralised and neutered. :D

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