Middle Age spread and new kit

Discussion in 'Officers' started by compus_mentus, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Over a decade after I left the factory and I can no longer comfortably fit in my Sam Browne and SD Jacket. The latter is easy enough (get it let out or get a new one). But where do we get Sam Brownes? I only remember mine miraculously arriving when at RMAS, the NSN suggests it was issued kit, but I assume I can't just go to the QM's.

    Any assistance greatly received.

    Oh, and I accept that there'll be a few "Fat B@tsurd" and "Do more phys" comments, but some useful advice would also be good.


  2. Silvermans do them.
  3. Try E Bay, you may be suprised!!
  4. Having had an over-enthusiastic Colour man burn my kit down for me, I found Sam Browne salvation at Worthy Down's second hand store. You may well find similar assistance at your regt/corps depot.

    But for Gawd's sake man, fight it as long as you can. A tightening waistband is simply the sign that beer intake is exceeding gym attendance. I walk a perpetual tightrope between comfort and strain!
  5. Am having same problem with the old mess kit trousers. Tailored for me as a 19 yr old racing snake at the factory I am still squeezing into them despite the fact I am 3 stone heavier and nearly twice as old.
  6. Oh and of course they are victims / veterans of many years of mess rugby.
  7. try to find a newly promoted WO1. They are entitled to wear officer pattern clothing and so are entitled to draw an initial issue of a sam browne (if that is correct rig for regimentall officers). I had a similar problem and one of my WO1s was happy enouugh to get the biggest issued size from the storeman and trade it for my immaculate, clipped but ever so slightly smaller one!!
  8. My SB was on the shelf of the Clothing store when I got selected for LE. It didn't fit so the storeman looked up the NSN for the correct size and ordered it. It took a while to come through, but you shouldn't have to buy one.
  9. I got a new Sam Browne from the clothing store without any problems about two years ago - just try and exchange it.

    I should point out that I had not put any weight on, it was just that the leather had mysteriously shrunk....
  10. C_M

    I am soooo upset it took me three days to see your post. You above all people should know exactly where to get Sam Brownes!!!
    Above all I salute your bare-faced honesty in admitting the req for new kit based upon the 'spread'. And last time I saw you I thought you'd lost weight!!

    I presume you were put up to this by Mrs C_M. I can just imagine the 'C_M you look like a fat bar steward in that uniform, get it enlarged or get it changed!!' conversation.

    Priceless mate, priceless.

    PS - have you tried Roscoe P Coltrane's boss down South!!

    Yrs, still is his SD bought when 18.

  11. Make certain that the leather used in your new belt is better than the stuff issued to me a while ago; it's shrinking. :D


  12. Of course, it's ok if you have the body of a 12 year old :lick:
  13. That's because the issued SB are of poor quality. If you want something decent go outside of the system.

  14. Rebel without a cause, Silverman's do EVERYONE!
  15. See A_Y, its not my fault! :dance: