CR time is coming up very soon and ive not had a mid year yet !!! do i have a leg to stand on if there is something in my CR that i dont agree with ?
Am i right in thinking that a mid year appraisal is so that you can sort your sh*t out before CR time ?
Correct. They are designed to give you a steer in the right direction by identifying to you week points that need to be worked on so that when you recieve your CR there are no suprises.

Personally I think the whole system is crap and can depend alot on personality and not proffessionalism. You might be doing a fantastic job, recieve an above averge Mid year and still get a career destroying CR just coz you pissed your boss off and then have your boss tell its all part of the learning process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x

The CO cant know every detail about a year in the life of his JNCO/SNCO's. He relies on accurate and honest reporting from his reporting officers.
If you submit a redress of complaint regarding your report grading then there is a greater chance that the redress will be upheld if an MYA has not been conducted as you'll have been given no chance to take remedial action to improve on any possible weaknesses (real or percepted). Keep a record of any requests you make for an MYA with your 1st RO which if necessary you can submit along with a redress if required.

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