Mid Term Review - another NuLabia f*ck up

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. The Mid Term Review is the name given to the recent reform ie cut backs, in the Common Agricultural Policy system of farming subsidies.

    By tomorrow (that is Saturday 15th Jan 2005, for any one working on ARRSE time) farmers will have had to sort out their areas of 'set aside' and made some other important decisions regarding their incomes and livelihoods.

    Guess what? DEFRA have not yet got their briefing notes out yet to all farmers having promised them in early December and they, in 3 booklets, explain important definitions etc, nor have they sent out the forms neccesary to apply for the new payments (now called Single Farm Payments or SFP). What's more, the computor used to administer this new scheme is w*nk. Farmers have been told not to expect to be paid this years payment until June 2006. Most doubt that this will happen due to the shite computor (originally used to run the Welsh Assembly, and still not functioning correctly).

    In true New Labour fashion, they blame someone else - in this case Europe!!

    Sorry if I missed it, but I don't recall the Bliar Broadcasting Cooperation banging on about this.
  2. C'mon, you know that the Commodore 64 was an excellent machine in its day!!!!! :twisted:
  3. What else do you expect from DEFRA (the Department for the Eradication of Farming and Rural Affairs)? :roll:
  4. I like that one... There's more:

    CAA - Campaign Against Aviation
    NSA - No Such Agency

    Anyone got any others???
  5. My father got his Dethra blurb this morning, giving him all of 24hrs to sort it out. He's still trying to sort out some land he aquired a few years ago. No matter what he sends to Defra they send back a form letter saying "more information required" but don't say what that information is :roll: .
  6. Sum years ago say five I was flying back to UK from mid east and had two Brits sat to my left.
    They where former officers and part of their conversation was along lines of
    I run a small farm up in The Pennines.
    Oh what do you Farm ?
    Subsidies mainly.
  7. Those days are now over. The new buzz word is Decoupling, which means that farmers are now not paid on what they produce, which was the old system.

    Don't knock the 'our' farmers, they had to farm for subidies to compete with our Quisling Vichy chums in Europe. The new scheme is a 'payment' not a 'subsidy' - bluddy complicated, and I'd be able to bore you further if the DEFRA twots had sent their booklets out which are suposed to explain it all! However, the Single Farm Payment (SFP) will slowly decrease over the next 7 years, and will probably lead to the end of all subsidies/payments from the EU.

    The SFP is designed to safeguard the environment - a farmer I know: his most profitable bit of land will now be a bit he does nothing to as it falls into the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. He can't believe it (he is 84 and still working) last year he had to squeeze every last drop out of his soil and livestock and now he's got to work hard doing nothing.

    TBLiar and his cronies both here and in Brothels are slowly trying to close down nasty dirty farms in this country and turn the place into a sodding great theme park. It's not funny. Soon we as a nation will not be able to feed ourselves - this will probably coincide with the moment that we can no longer defend ourselves either.

    I despair.
  8. The most annoying thing for any farmer is the way that no authority will ever demand the same quality controls and animal welfare standards of imported food as they heap on to our own farmers.