Mid Stafford Report

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kitmarlowe, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Wait until the compensation claims start coming in then scapegoats will be found who will mysteriously have retired or are about to on grounds of ill heath.
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  2. No one is to blame, it was 'the system'!

    And the guilty exit stage left to new posts with other healthcare trusts.
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  3. The amount of bandwagon hoppers since it 1st came to light is quite amazing, yes it was a bad in a couple of wards, not the whole hospital, but thats what you get when it is run by business people and run as business and not a service IMHO.

    It is also 4 years since the investigation, and the hospital has suffered ever since through the bad reputation it had. I reckon there are more ward managers and matrons than there are nurses. I have been in there several times, and my treatment was fine, today I do not think Stafford hospital is any worse than a lot of NHS hospitals
  4. Bit tricky to be a bandwagon hopper on this one..... Main public Witness requirement was to have a family member who died in the Hospital......only 1,200 of then qualified.
  5. Interesting interview with Mike Farrar, the NHS confederation CEO on R4 this morning, blaming the culture of over regulation that exists and audits to audit why previous audits have failed.

    He seemed to be saying that NHS management culture needed to change, but whether that'll filter through to the creme de la creme(!) of British managers running the trusts is another matter entirely.
  6. As a recent patient of Stafford I can only admire how the staff carry out their duties despite endless investigations and constant observation by the press pack parked up there.
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  7. That was total deaths during the period of the enquiry,total of 160 witnesses were called, and just over 400 deaths were queried and even then it states not all of those were preventable while going through treatment, media reporting is not always the most accurate now is it?
  8. Report highlights concerns over 'alarmingly high' death rates at 'full to bursting' hospitals - Home News - UK - The Independent

    Five NHS trusts warned over high death rates - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent

    that's just 2 media reports, and quotes from the links
  9. 'bad on a couple of wards'?

    That's an interesting take on 1,200 patients dying of neglect that would shame a 3rd world country
    It was supposed to be run as a hospital providing safety and care, not a target and cost driven Konzentrationslager. It was really that simple an issue.
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  10. A perfect comparison there..... Thank you
  11. Not disagreeing with you as such,I already said it was run as business not a service, but once again you are wrong on the total figure of neglected deaths the total of deaths for the hospital was 1200 during those 3 years,2006-2009, not the total that was counted as "neglect, lack of care" read the report not the media numbers, it was quarter of the total, and yes it is still high,i am saying that the hospital shouldn't be judged now the same as 4-7 years ago.

    Have you ever been treated at the hospital in question? or a third world hospital? seen at first hand how they treat patients at Stafford hospital now?
  12. Raw death rate figures are not particularly useful in deciding whether a particular hospital is underperforming or not. There are reasons why some hospitals have high death rates e.g. demographics- in that there might be a high proportion of eldery people in the catchment area, no dedicated terminal care in the area- meaning that people die in the hospital rather than in the hospice or their own homes, specialist service- the hospital might have a ward/unit that takes very ill people because it has facilities and skills not available elsewhere, etc.

    The old adage that 60% of people know that 90% of statistics are made up applies here.
  13. I'd like to know if a confidential reporting system would have made a difference; giving staff and patients the means to report misconduct and malpractice while protecting their identities, much as NHS Scotland is introducing this Spring?
  14. Try this one...


    How Mid Stafford treats patients NOW is a complete irrelevance. The fact is that for far too long the Hospital was dysfunctional with a mortality rate that was too high by any measure.