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MiD Records

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by wild_moose, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. The better half has been digging around her family archives and discovered that her granny was awarded a MiD during her service with the ATS in WW2.

    After I explained at length what a MiD was she would now like to know more about what led to her gran's award. Anyone know if these records are accessible and how we'd go about finding out?

  2. If known, you could try contacting past Units, Formations or establishments. That said, this can be the "nightmare" route, especially if said Units are no longer in existence. I'd give the National Archives a go! Just google it and it should provide you with a good start point.

    Good luck with the search

  3. Good info SM! :salut:
  4. is the supplement at the london gazette a record of MiD's? just did a search and my grandfather came up twice but i've only heard of one MiD from within family
  5. You may have to follow the page back on the Gazette to see what the award is for. ie WW1 Military Medals go on for 5-6 pages, the title being at the start.

    The London Gazette will show all officer promotions, all gallantry medals and MID.
  6. Toxicseagull - "is the supplement at the london gazette a record of MiD's? just did a search and my grandfather came up twice but i've only heard of one MiD from within family"

    Theoretically the Gazette should/may have all relevant WWII names, but due to the limitations of digitising for search engine use/the search engine they use/time/money/human error (then and now), it’s quite common not to get any result – seems to me it’s not too far removed from ‘random’?

    WWII MiD’s, if listed, appear as a block of names only. No citations or other details and at best give an indication of the period it was awarded – but not guaranteed.

    WWII MiD’s could be awarded for a specific deed, but could also be awarded for ‘meritous service’. i.e. Cumulative service as opposed to the gallantry rules which discount this - arguably not altogether believable on some occasions? :omg: ;)

    Therefore she may have been awarded the MiD for an act, or for consistent high service over a period.

    Agree a v.good/best tack moose, is for NoK to get the Service Record. Be aware, this may result in a couple of pages, or just a scant paragraph, or a ‘lost/destroyed’ nil return?

    If you can deduce such as Unit/s and dates, it should enable you to view the appropriate Diaries at Kew. Again the content of these varies greatly, usually dependant or how prolific (or not) the reporting officers were?

    Good luck, always worth pursuing ;)


    ps. whatever you find, or don’t, write it all up for a family archive ;)
  7. Chaps - thank you so much, some informative replies. We'll try the service record route first and see how we get on.

    Thanks again