Mid March BOOK COMPETITION - Ravilious : The War Paintings


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Eric Ravilious was an accomplished artist prior to the start of the Second World War. He was then appointed official War Artist to the Admiralty and the book being offered in this competition is a compilation of his paintings from his appointment as a war artist to his death on active service in Iceland in 1942.

Ravilious War Paintgs.jpg
Ravilious – The War Paintings​

The book is by James Russell who gives a bit of narrative to each of the pictures in the book, placing them in context. Have a look at the review here.

Cpl Stediford’s Pigeon Loft

To win this fantastic prize answer the question given in the Survey Monkey, complete your details and click send. That is all you have to do, although I suspect that for many Google will once again be your friend.

Ark Royal.jpg
Ark Royal in Action​

Remember, read the question and understand it before you answer. Good luck, 5 lucky winners will receive a copy of this book.


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The obvious answer is NO, of course not. Nobody can win until 120029MAR (ARRSE time).

Had you asked "Will I win" then I could have given a more positive answer - positively maybe! :)
We'll agree to call my bin rummaging and knickers off the line stealing as getting to know you then.

Phew, dont want to go back on that register again.....and the whole Jill Dando thing got out of hand. ^~
I've worked out who are now!! The local hobo, he was caught rummaging though my bins. Now on a more serious note, you have stolen my favourite panties. Can I have them back?
After all they won't fit you now, will they!!

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