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Just a quick question guys - bought a new car yesterday, insured it and put a years tax on. I've just tried the MID insurecne database (askMID.com) to make sure its registered and its still flagging up as uninsured.

Does this mean I will get tugged every time I pass a police car, and there are plenty around here. I have my docs in the car however doing a fair bit of motorway driving so dont want to get pulled every few miles. Insurers don't open till 9 however they sent me off my cover policy by email which of course I used to tax the vehicle. I have that in the car so can show if stopped however don't really want ANOTHER run in with plod!

Cheers in advance.
Err, well you have the docs, if the boys in blue do pull you over they will most probably phone you insurance company to check cover! It probably takes a few days to get the details on to the database!

I think the last time I did it, it took around two days to go onto the database. That said, I wouldn't worry about it. Carry the docs by all means, but they won't believe them anyway, they'll assume that you've bought a policy and then cancelled it. They will call the insurer and all will be well. In reality though, you are very unlikely to be stopped....when was the last time you saw a police car on the motorway, rare beasts indeed these days, the "Traffic Officers" are cheaper aren't they?
I had the opposite experience with Norwich Union(sorry Aviva now) after MID told me one of my bikes wasn't insured, Aviva told me that they couldn't put my bike on the database it had to be done by the broker (one of the guys I spoke to at Aviva had exactly the same problem as me and had to get his broker to add his bike to the database!). Hopefully sorted mow as I have heard no more about it and haven't been stopped for it either. :)

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