MiD in 1945

I'm trying to find details of why my grandfather (deceased) was MiD in 1945. I've tried the London Gazette and have a copy of the page where he is mentioned, but nothing else.

Any ideas where I can dig up any more info?


Not all MiDs have been kept or published.

Your best bet is to try and get a copy of his records via Glasgow.

Have you tried his name at National Archives?
"Not all MiDs have been kept or published."/

Were any MiD citations published in the LG? I've never seen any, i.e. name listing only, but could well have been looking in the wrong places or not applying the right query.

Then again, was a citation (similar to those for MM, DCM etc), to be forwarded with MiD nominations?

Could you give a link to any on-line MiD in the LG please?

Not sure whether a citation was given with an MID, just a certificate saying you`d been a good egg or like between certain dates, or during a certain action? But don`t quote me on that.
My dad was MiD in Malaya. I have his AB 64 and written- in his hand- under Particulars of Training he lists his GSM, Malaya clasp and
MiD (London Gaz 39**1 dated 19/11/51)
Never found a citation but at least I have his Soldiers Service book and the medal
About the only guaranteed place to find the commendation behind an MiD is on the soldier's AFB120 (Regimental Conduct Sheet). This means proving the right (next of kin) to pay £40+ for a copy of his records.

Some of the more complete war diaries may have copies of the commendation in the appendices as might the brigade war diary the regiment was a part of.

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