Mid air transfer?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by press_it, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. I have wondered recently if the powers that be have looked during the last 5 years or so at transfering personnel between aircraft in flight, ala the movie executive decision.

    it would be much more benificial PR wise if a hyjacked aircraft could be boarded by an SF team & retaken rather than shot down, time permiting.

    however i think that if such a capability were to be developed, it would be kept secret.

    as to the technical feasability, I think a telescopic docking color could be designed. it would just then come down to the hatches on the underside of aircraft, if they have them.
  2. This is mainly Army Air Corps.....

    The only thing likely to be transferred mid flight would be bodily fluids between crew. Nothing else would fit due to the pilots ego filling up any remaining space.

    Executive desicion wasn't true mate, but Han Solo would make a good president, if only to see chewbacca in a tuxedo
  3. How would a docking collar work with a helicopter? Wouldn't the rotors cut it to shreds?
  4. the thread only sparked your interest because you thought it said 'dogging collar' :D
  5. So have we found out what colour it is going to be?

    Is that something like international klein blue or British racing green? :D
  6. Silly boy.

    It would obviously be fitted to a rotating platform underslung from a Herc and the speed of spin would be exactly matched to the RPM of the rotors.

    In order to overcome the minor problems of centrifugal force, everyone that went down the chute would be dressed in an anti gravity suit with built in inertial dampers and special floating boots. The highly trained "crossover" troops would then use their lightning reflexes (all troops would of course be drawn from MT as Sigs guys would be too fat and lazy to fit down there) to judge exactly when to exit via a cleverly cut hole just behind the gunner. I take it you didn't read the tech section of the last journal?
  7. Erm, wah?!
  8. Maybe they have developed it (with technical assistance from various Hollywood studios) and as you suggest it has been kept secret! :wink:
  9. Who funded that? Tax payers or PFI?
  10. I think it was a PFI funded by the same people that make spinning tops and Catherine Wheels.
  11. Press_it,

    What a load f*cking C*ap. Mate get off the drugs will you. I thought at first this would be a Wah but Im starting to think your serious.

    Just to ensure that your not to confused, all the people who replied were taking the pi*s. F*cking space cadet.
  12. You can rest assured in this case that the escape hatch will fail to open as there will be 12 coats of black and olive paint liberally applied by MTs finest.

    If MT are involved don't expect it get out of the hangar, the work ticket will be lost, the CES will be incomplete and the tool kit will consist of a bottle opener, half a jack - for a bedford and an adjustable that doesn't adjust.

    The safetly bulbs on the aircraft won't be intrinsically safe, as some dopey cnut will have nicked the rubies. Shortly after the new aircraft would be destroyed by an MT mong lobbing in half a can of easystart closely followed by a Zippo.
  13. I think i have a better idea , what if the helicopters land , the PAX get out of Heli A and then walk over to Heli B mount up and both helicopters take off and carry on with the mission . Or what if everybody got on the right A/C in the first place?
  14. Tally_target,

    That would make to much sense. It would probaly send press_it into a fit for being to simple.

    Well said that man.
  15. If we are still slating MT.... How are they expected to get on the right aircraft when they struggle to tell the difference between Diesel and benz?