Microwave science

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Operator, Nov 28, 2004.

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  1. If you take a grape, slice it almost in half, so just a small bit of skin remains connecting the two halves.

    1) Place the grape in the microwave and set on high for 1min (doesn't take this long)
    2) the two halves pickup and focus radiation into the skin "bridge" part.
    3) The skin follows the process that happens when things are heated up
    eg. Solid (ice) > Liquid (Water) > Gas (steam/vapour) > Ionised gas (plasma)

    4) These steps occur in about 0.2sec. Quite entertaining if you're bored.

    Anyone else done any good microwave science?
  2. stuck some tin foil in the microwave once, quite a bit of fun, but managed to ruin the microwave. :x

    Also heard that you can take those unwanted CD's that come in the mail (or from wherever) and stick them in, apparently causes quite a fireworks show in the dark. never done it myself though.
  3. Anything with metal in it stands a chance of killing the microwave. The grape one is well worth doing in the dark.

    Eggs? do they explode?
  4. not that I heard of, I think they just cook normally...

    However, it serves as a great alternative to the original "hampster dance" to put a hampster in there and turn it on. 8O :twisted:
  5. Tin of beans will nuke the microwave, Set on high power, Hide, Watch oven explode.
  6. IIRC a bar of soap will expand and blow the door off? Or it might just expand, can't remember exactly.
  7. When I was bored, I stuck an egg in under a pyrex bowl, just in case. Went up with a big bang, cracked the bowl, and there was egg all over the bloody thing.
  8. Wasps on high for 30secs just stick to the door and go crisp.
  9. Ask any groundie from 5 AAC about ferral cats and microwaves 8O
  10. Eggs do they expolde ?

    Well early 80's we had a jock pay sgt. Nice bloke but liked a drink.
    Not the most switched on sort after a skinful and he could sup a skinful or two.
    Came into the mess early hours felt peckish, could only find some eggs ready for breakfast so he popped a couple in the microwave
    Explode, well the Mess staff exploded the following morning when they had to clean up the mess.
  11. Yeah, just tried it. Very pretty chaser light effects - start silvery, then change to orange as the CD melts. 8O


    Microwave is safe, by the way, until the insulating properties of the plastic fail - about 20 secs on full power. Anyone want a microwave, spares or repair ? :oops:
  12. Mice don't exactly explode - but they do go pop :D :D
  13. PMSL :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Here's a must-try for you, folks :)

    1) Take an ordinary sewing needle

    2) Use plasticine to stick it, point upwards, in a bowl

    3) Add a couple of teaspoons of water

    4) Cover the pin with an upside-down drinking glass (cheap shot glass is ideal)

    5) Microwave on full power

    Pretty lightning effects, followed by pulsing orange fireball - pics, or maybe link to vid, to follow later.

    Microwave is safe cos water vapour keeps the discharge contained inside the glass 8)

    LJ (no H) accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or personal injury caused by following these instructions. But it DOES work!
  15. Right, i'm off out shopping later. I'll pic up some grapes and see what sort of photos, maybe vid. I can put on here.