Microwave for use in the field? it must be American!

"The field microwave is not an actual U.S. Cavalry product for sale. This is an April Fool’s day joke and is not real."

was done a month ago, the above statement is in plain view on the site

I know it's a wah, I just thought it was good enough to share!
Although you can buy a 24v Microwave for HGV's in Germany, they have them for sale at the truck stop near Soltau. Always wondered is a 432 could run it
flamingo said:

What do you think, I'm sure I could find a use for it! :twisted:
Only if you carry it!!!!

Re 43, yes. A 43 can power the camping microwaves..... I, er, researched it.

On a hilltop Rebro site.
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