I'm looking to buy MS Visio and MS Project for use at home. A TA colleague has given me to understand that HMG employees are entitled to substantial discounts.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

PM sent

Or you could post a link for all to use JVR.

Unless the PM is about something entirely different in which case I'll get back in my box.
yea good point, I just didn't want to post a military address on public domain (it cant be accessed from home, have to be at work if you work for HMG or at TAC via DII). So if you would like the address let me know and I will pm you. Or if you think I am being daft and overly cautious, let me know.
Frog Prince, there's a very good Computer Advice forum already on Arse: clicky

The Microsoft Home Use Programme is available to MoD employees. As the MoD has already purchased a licence for your desktop computer in your office Microsoft will give you a copy of that software to use at home. You pay an admin fee of £17.31. The theory is that you can't use both copies at the same time. I'm not sure how it works with the TA, but from what I remember, I was never asked if I was Regular or TA. I have previously bought a copy of MS Office 2003 for £17.31 and I know that Office 2007 is now available. Also available is Visio, and Office 2008 for Mac.

The web address you are after is: I have had success accessing from DII(C) and TAFMIS, but not from CASH or CHOTS.

I'm not sure why Jan_van_Riebeek won't give you the address. It's been posted all over Arrse and, as he said, you can only access it from a MoD computer.
Hey, yep it is the same address as you listed, so for everyones benefit:

I got Office 2007 for +-£17, pretty sweet.

Thanks all.


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