Microsoft Works - Should it Stay or Should it Go now?

I've had a few problems with Word taking forever to close, it keeps saying it wants to save the Template and takes 15 minutes + to close, same after sending a message through Outlook.

Someone mentioned that it could be Microsoft Works in conflict, would Removing Microsoft Works affect any other programmes as I use Microsoft Office is there any real need for Works?
Not if you have Office, no. Just check that Office can open any works files you may have left before you nuke it though...

Have you thought about using OpenOffice it has a similar layout is free, I have never had a problem with it and it opens all Office docs as well.


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Every time I have bought a computer I have removed Works because I use Office. I've never had a problem.
msr said:
Gundulph said:
While on the Microsoft subject, what's all this Microsoft Visual C++ about? can we Mag to Grid that as well?

Best not to. I think you are referring to this:

It is required to run applications written in Visual C++. If you do uninstall it, you may find yourself re-installing it when something fails to run.

Roger that...

Cheers again msr, I was standing by hovering over the Uninstall button... having an unsentimental moment...

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