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Hi all. I was sent an email by a friend containing a word document that they had done for me as I'm totally crap at that sort of thing and it just needed a few details added and then sent back. So i opened the document OK (I'm using word 2007 on Vista) did what i had to do then saved it so i thought? So opened up a new email to be sent and tried to look for the document but could not find it so re-opened the original word document from the email i had received and saved it again. with another file name. Nothing again. I even tried cutting and pasting the original to a fresh word document and yet still cannot find it. WTF is going on? Fair enough I'm a PC and word biff but it can't be that hard. Help !
If you have just been working on it try this:

open Word
top left corner 'windows log,
click this and hold
menu bar appears and lists recent documents it 'should' in there
Save it again
then remember the path you used to save it - Muppet, hope this helps
When you save a document that was attached to an email, it's saved in a temporary directory. Try saving it in "My documents". Or, choose "open document" in Word and choose "last opened" (or something similar), it might be in the list.
Once you've altered the document go to "save as" instead of just save, then you can save it to wherever you like so you remember where it is.


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If you're sending MS Office documents via Hotmail, be aware that it now tries to send them as "online documents" that are saved on the Internet ("the Cloud") and can be a little confusing when you attempt to download and save them manually.

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