Microsoft Software

For those of you who like using FREE and legit software, plenty of viable alternatives out there.

Always a good MS beta flying around (apart from Windows 7 7057 build which WAS and STILL IS crap and unstable).

Windows 7 rc1 is downloadable and a pleasure to use, runs until Aug next year.

Open Office is a freeware alternative to Office, although I believe there is a Office 2010 beta out there somewhere as well.

If any one knows of any good free software which actually does do the job well than please feel to post here!
Avg anti-virus software, free and less intrusive than Norton. Does require being uninstalled and reinstalled every now
and then when it fails to update properly. LINK!
Spybot search and destroy, free and easy to use. LINK!
Avast Antivirus = HERE

Malwarebytes = HERE

SUPERantispyware = HERE Better than Malwarebytes

Fed up with Windows ballsing up your copy to location when it cant overwrite a file etc?
TeraCopy = HERE Really good little file transfer tool.

Thats all for now

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