Microsoft Office Problems

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by halomonkey, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi All
    Just wondering if anyone might know why my Microsoft Office XP Professional is playing up. Every time I try to open a doc it comes up with a little window which says 'installing' , it then shows another little window which asks me to insert the disk for it. Obviously as the laptop came with everything installed I don't have the disk, so can't enter it. I then have to click ok and it brings up an error message saying that it is not installed for this user. Ideas anyone?
  2. Has it worked OK in the past?
  3. Was working fine till today.
  4. What OS are you running.
    Is it a legit copy of Office?
  5. Running XP and yes.
  6. Has it been updated to the latest service pack?
  7. Have you tried repairing it through control panel add remove programmes. You could also try a system restore back to the date when it last worked ok.
  8. Sorry for taking time to reply, bloody thing crashed. wg100 not as far as I am aware is that just a visit to the web page for microsoft? blocksweat not quite sure how that would work as I don't have the disk to re-install if I uninstall it. I did wonder about system restore but wasn't sure if that applied in this case. Thanks to both and will keep trying :D
  9. If you keep having problems, google "Open Office" Its open source so it updated alot and its free and does everything MS office does.
  10. Thanks Hypno85.
  11. No problem's, I've used it for about 2 year's as im a tight b**tard haha!.
  12. And why not.I've decided to take it for a health check and get the whole thing looked at. If that doesn't solve it I will look at your suggestion.