Microsoft Office Licence


Anybody know if the following is true:

A friend recently told me that the MOD licence for MS Office includes its use by us at home (clearly not content with a 7 - 7 day, I'm keen to spend my few hours with the missus on the wireless knocking out Powerpoint briefs, etc ;) ). Apparently, as a serving member of HMF, we get a knocked down price to download the software on to home computers.

True? In which case, anyone know how?

Or a load of crud?



Only if you are using it on a supplied latop/computer is it free.

However, under the DII agreement, you can actually buy Office 2003 for around £13. This is a Microsoft Partnership Agreement, and the details are on DII, as is the order form - if you can't find them, ask your DII admins, they should be able to find it. Someone on here may know where to look.....

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