Microsoft office for cheap??

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by see_a_moon, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. ive just been told that the forces can go on to a link through DII to obtain a code to get Microsoft office for cheaper than the normal cost. does anyone know about this, if so can you please tell me how and what id need to do to get it. cheers guys
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  3. If you search MS office home use program from dii and put in your dii email, it will cost you about £8. I did it last year. Not used the ****** yet. You will then have 3x licences to use on your different computers. If you don't have any joy, pm me your dii email and ill send you the e mail I got from Microsoft. But not until Monday or Tuesday.
  4. I recall reading recently that the MOD's license has expired - can anyone substantiate on this?
  5. Mines still going strong unless it may apply to the 2013 version and future additions & not seen anything on Armynet, DIi homepage or Defence management website..

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  6. diif is going ape on search
  7. The mod enterprise licenses have expired and this has caused a number of changes.
    On dii some default dii applications have been dropped and you have to request them as single applications
    The enterprise licence had not been renewed and only the existing 'perpetual' licence is being used to cover Microsoft office

    It also means the home use programme has ceased, so no more 'nominal fee' purchases
    It was so cheap because you were buying an extension of your work copy to use at home

    If someone in the household works for a participating company then home use via them may be possible

    If not it means going for other licence options such as student etc

    Microsoft | - discounted software for students and academic staff
  8. Does it absolutely have to be MS Office? You can download and use LibreOffice for free and it supports MS Office files.
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  9. You could drop a quick line to Steve Ballmer....
  10. Go here Pirate Bay or Torrent search and download the programme and the bits to go with it.

    Make sure you check your download for viruses etc.

    If your ISP blocks you from the sites - download a TOR browser and use that.
  11. YES - thats a good programme.

    You could also try "Kingsoft" or "Apache OpenOffce" - which are both free, good, and Microsoft compatible.
  12. I'd suggest you dont encourage piracy.
  13. Quite frankly I'm gobsmacked how many pers still prefer the torrent route to acquiring MS even at such a low discounted price and I'm a fan of torrent usage*

    If the free compatible alternative options were more widely known to others then perhaps they'd be less need to go down the other option in the first place.

    *Each to their own I suppose & many anti-torrent supporters may not be aware there's a paid torrent version option?
  14. If you have kids at school or if, ahem, you claim to have kids at school, you can get the Microsoft educational discount on Office 2013. IIRC you get 5 licences for less than £100.

    One of the sites offering this is
  15. Its not a case of against torrents (I'm not) but advocating piracy is a no-no. Quite apart from which, one has no idea what has been added to the software installer, such as trojan software. Not so long ago a Win7 DVD was doing the rounds which claimed to have all sorts of goodies slipstreamed into it, such as Ccleaner, Chrome, etc. It also had a RAT (remote access tool) and keylogger, free-of-charge....

    There is also a scam site, which claims to be selling MS software licences from the Comet bankruptcy. Again, another no-no. No licence, and simply a live name and email address to be added to a suckers list.
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